Should the government embrace cloud computing as a means to strengthen and liberate their IT infrastructure?

  • The government should embrace cloud computing as a means to strengthen its IT infrastructure.

    The government should embrace cloud computing as a means to strengthen its IT infrastructure because it reduces costs for both hardware and software. Further, it reduces overall IT costs because cloud computing requires a smaller IT department. Cyber-security is the only downside to cloud computing. However, if it is done by a well-established company like IBM, security is not a problem.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • The government should embrace cloud computing for purposes of national security.

    Cloud computing enables the decentralization of critical computer functions, data storage and applications. Given that we live in an age of terrorism where many government facilities are potential terrorist targets, it makes sense to embrace cloud computing, so that the federal IT infrastructure is able to withstand pinpoint attacks, and still thrive as an overall network.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Yes, because cloud computing does have some drawbacks, but overall it can do so much more.

    Cloud computing has already liberated many people and businesses. Many people today walk around with phones that have more computing power then what took us to the moon. Cloud computing can also increase access to data and information, not just for the government but also for the people. Security concerns have to be addressed, but nothing is 100% secure.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • The government should include cloud computing as a part of their information management and distribution, because it is highly effective and useful.

    Cloud computing could be a highly effective, useful, and safe technology for the government to harness, in regards to its information management. The current reliance on paperwork is costly, redundant, wasteful, and unnecessarily slow and inefficient. The vast majority of governmental data, processes, and information interaction would be appropriate for cloud computing. However, some of the data controlled by the government should be kept secure and off of the of "cloud". The determination of which data should be utilized in which manner is the first step to updating our antiquated information systems.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • The government should embrace cloud computing.

    The government should embrace cloud computing because it would reduce IT costs. For security, no one should use Microsoft Windows to access the cloud. Other operating systems are much more secure. Microsoft is unable to maintain security on the Internet, so, there is no reason to suppose that their cloud security would be any different.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Yes. Cloud computing is an effective way to produce results that could not be produced in any other way.

    Wicker is one of the best examples of a successful form of cloud computing. While there were platforms before this one, they couldn't cover the vast array of subjects as in depth as wicker can. Cloud computing allows many people to essentially become one body of knowledge and this is priceless.

    Posted by: TheevilClau
  • It would be helpful to increase jobs.

    I think cloud computing on the government level would aid in their efficiency and keep costs down. The government should certainly look at all areas to improve their systems and processes. To completely ignore cloud computing wouldn't be very wise. It's unfortunate the government has such a huge reputation for being inefficient and wasteful.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • Yes, cloud computing certainly offers a viable means for governments to strengthen their IT.

    Although cloud computing has its drawbacks in terms of both security and reliability, the commoditization of computing power allows resources to be efficiently and even transparently redistributed to other tasks. The amount of cloud computing the government could afford to purchase is staggering, as is the potential research and other useful activities that could be done with such computing power.

    Posted by: VultureDer
  • government ?

    Do you really think the government is interested in reducing costs? Every leader of every federal department is only interested in INCREASING their costs. To think otherwise is ignorant and naive. As far as security concerns, I agree with others. Especially given it's the government, they will likely shoot themselves in the foot with cloud.

  • I oppose the government using cloud computing.

    If the government decides to go with cloud computing as a means of strengthening and liberating their IT infrastructures, they are just opening more doors to problems within their technology departments. With all the information being put online, it is easy for people to access who should not be accessing the information.

    Posted by: AmazingJunior58
  • The government should not embrace cloud computing, just like it shouldn't get rid of paper backups.

    For our government to run effectively, documentation is all-important. The transfer to cloud computing would put the ability of the government to maintain accurate records at risk. Not only would there be access issues if the Internet were to go down, but, by not having physical copies of things on site, it would be easy for the government to lose materials.

    Posted by: AbortiveLance38
  • No, because cloud computing leaves the U.S. government even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

    Cloud computing is the wave of the future. While the U.S. can and must stay ahead of the curve in IT matters, I do not believe the government should move its computing and IT infrastructure into the "cloud". Embracing the cloud infrastructure would leave many classified and exclusive documents vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

    Posted by: MonserratC
  • No, the government should not embrace cloud computing, because they have a hard enough time keeping secret documents secret.

    The government should not embrace cloud computing, because they have a hard enough time keeping secret documents secret with their existing system of virtual private networks. Cloud computing would potentially put all their information available to hackers around the world, who would spare no effort in gaining access to the government's information. This is a bad idea. Keep it simple and secure.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • The government should not embrace cloud computing to liberate their IT infrastructure because of security concerns.

    The main reason why the government should not embrace cloud computing to liberate their IT infrastructure is because of security concerns. Cloud computing is too-risky. I would feel much more secure remaining with the stand alone computer systems that won't communicate with each other across the web. There are too many hackers out there.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • No, the government should not embrace cloud computing because it may pose a security risk.

    While cloud computing is a beneficial source of computing power in the public sector, I think that it poses a serious security risk for Government data. By its very nature, cloud computing requires that many network nodes have access to information. Even if encrypted, people could steal packets and try to decrypt them offline to gain critical information which could be used for malicious purposes. This is a bad idea.

    Posted by: 5c4ryOgdon
  • The government should not embrace cloud computing due to security concerns.

    I don't think that cloud computing is secure enough to be used on something as important as the government. The entire country would be in danger if our security was compromised. I think cloud computing leaves our national safety in danger because it could be more vulnerable to being hacked or broken into.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • The cloud computing environment may become a security risk for government files.

    The cloud computing environment offers many advantages. Some of our governments unsecured documents may be ok with an outside cloud computing organization. The advantages are obvious.

    However, the reason it may become a security risk, is the cloud computing infrastructure is probably not secured by our government, and might become a risk to our precious data.

    Posted by: ErvAsta

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