• Need to energize up

    The government should come up with some kind of legislation. This would not only help the environment but also help for humanity to become more self sufficient and hopefully get us off of energy that is not renewable. This could be bad at the beginning but could easily get better as time goes by.

  • Yes, the government should enact laws to discourage energy dependency.

    I think the government should enact laws that discourage energy dependency. I think that as the population in a lot of countries becomes larger, there should be more of a concern about conserving energy resources. That is why I would be for the government of the USA enacting a law that helps people save energy.

  • These would cause inefficiencies

    The simple fact is that energy needs to be provided for, and until alternative mechanisms are in place to deliver energy, dependency will remain a fact of life. These would most likely cause market inefficiencies and cause more problems than are being able to be solved at this current time.

  • It's the market.

    No, the government should not enact laws to discourage energy dependency, because the government cannot force a particular energy policy on someone. Energy dependency would not be a problem if the government would get out of the way and allow people and companies to drill domestically and create their own energy.

  • No, they should not.

    The government should be funneling money into agencies that are creating newer, cleaner forms of energy. If you put this on the people, that would be ridiculous. I have no idea how to go greener, aside from recycling, riding a bike, and using a different sort of light bulb. Leave this stuff to the experts.

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