• Yes, they should.

    The reason the government should enact more laws to protect prisoner rights is because no every prisoner committed the same crime. If you have someone locked up because they were caught with too many bags of weed, they shouldn't be treated the same as a serial rapist. Changes must be made.

  • No, prisoners do not need more rights.

    The government should no enact laws that gives prisoners more rights. I think prisoners in the American system are treated way better than the homeless sometimes. I think that prisoners have enough rights as it is. The only rights they should have are being able to serve their sentences without the fear of being hurt.

  • No, prisoners have enough rights.

    Prisoners are in prison for a reason. In the United States they are generally given adequate if not fancy food, shelter, and clothing. They get visits with loved ones. They should have the right also to be free from abuse and violence. Other than that, we do not need more laws to protect their rights further.

  • Prisoners Should Have Fewer Rights

    Prisoners already have more rights than they deserve for the crimes they have committed. Prisoners essentially infringed upon the rights of others. As such, they should have some of their own rights taken away because they are being taken away from normal society. Prisoners shouldn't have more rights because they have their own stuff they are dealing with in prison as it is.

  • No, we do not need more laws enacted for prisoners.

    Prisoners should be accorded basic human rights. That's a given. I don't think we need the government to enact more laws to protect their rights. As long as prisoners serve their time and do not cause problems, they should not have any problems over their rights. Every prisoner has access to his or her lawyer if they feel their rights have been violated.

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