• Just adding to your argument...

    The issues of poverty definetely should be dealt with locally, but I believe the core argument here is that the Federal government has no right to confiscate wealth and redistribute it at their whim. At the very highest level, welfare programs should never go higher than the State governments; but preferably they are managed as locally as possible, with possibly city and county governments assisting as needed.

  • Yes, the US Government should end ALL assistance programs.

    Government by definition is inefficient when it comes to helping impoverished citizens. A majority greater than 60% of every dollar allocated to an assistance program is wasted on the ineffectual bureaucracy and political BS involved. It is far more efficient to remove the huge tax burden on ALL citizens (including the poor) that is required to keep funding the failing assistance programs. Instead the job of taking care of the needy, sick, disadvantaged and impoverish should be filled by local churches and local organizations who can use 90%+ of every dollar AND do so on a personal level avoiding fraud and abuse. Further, any assistance program (excluding those for people with disabilities) should have a finite end regardless of gainful employment being secured. This provides the drive for the impoverished to get a job, keep a job and make smart decisions that help them progress towards self reliance. The vast majority of poverty in the USA is caused by laziness, entitlement and poor decision making. There is no excuse for ANY citizen of any race or background to live in poverty in the USA and only they can help themselves realize their own goals and dreams. We should stop paying them to stay at home and live in "poverty" and force them to make something of themselves. I "poverty" because our definition of poverty in the USA is an exceptionally nice and easy way of life in the majority of this world. True poverty is something this country hasn't seen for 70 years.

  • No but they need to monitor it

    Some people are on welfare when they don't even need it. They sign up for it in order to buy personal it's like iPhones, luxury cars, purses etc. When there are ACTUAL people who need the welfare. It's cheating because the ones working is giving away tax dollars to support those in need. People are not a Gucci funding foundation to buy a designer bag.

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