• Not a free market.

    You want a free market? Then don’t expect subsidies to support your wasteful processes, Excessive spending, Lack of research into the products you use, Etc. Your failure to evolve your business should come with the same consequences as any other business. Be prepared for even fewer companies controlling all aspects of our lives.

  • Dont take from my paycheck.

    Who would not love to farm or ranch! Like any business, you make it or not. Don't think its fair to take from my paycheck to make your F350 4x4 payment. It's wrong. I don't blame anyone for taking advantage of it. It was actually the reverse in 1970's when one had to "buy" the right to farm rice (at least here in TX). The time has come to end it.

  • Subsidies destroy the free market

    For the people who support government subsidies, what would happen if we got rid of them? The failing farms that have bad management and less than acceptable products will dissolve and the businesses that can operate independently will rise to the top. The government would lose farmers, but it would only lose the ones that can not support themselves. It would affect the economy, but in a good way.

  • Farms should support themselves

    Government subsidies of all kinds destroy the free market. When the government supports failing businesses of any kind, the farms/businesses that have truly excellent products are pushed down instead of rising to the top. Without subsidies, farms would still survive. Only they would learn to survive on their own and create better more independent working systems.

  • Government End Farm Subsidies

    I personally think that the government should not end farm subsidies because the government would loss a lot of farmers. I personally think that the government should not end farm subsidies because it will lose some farmers as well as people that comes to the farms. I personally think that the government should not end farm subsidies because it would affect the economy.

  • dont end farms

    I think that the government should not end farm subsidies because it is messing with people's food and the way they survive. i think that they should not make it hard for the people to survive and feed their families.I think that we should keep the farms because that is what makes our country so great.

  • We need them

    The farmers of this nation are the backbone of this country, and are the ones that feed everyone. We need to have every program in place that we can to make sure that they have all the help they need to stay up on their feet and provide us with food.

  • No, they should not.

    What government should do with farm subsidies is dole them out differently. Much differently. We have too much corn, and we need corn to put into all of our processed junk food. I think farm subsidies should be given to organic farmers, whether they're growing fruit, vegetables, or raising grass fed cows.

  • Just End The Rich Ones

    Never understood why such profitable businesses or people need all the extra money. The funny thing is not only do rich people and businesses get extra money, they seem to get the most of it. Yet we degrade poor people for needing food stamps and the earned income tax credit to survive. Nice backwards thinking country we have here.

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