• Yes. Charity is something that ought to be voluntary

    Not forced upon the tax paying public. Perhaps an immediate cessation of social welfare would prompt certain folks to get off their asses, innovate and educate. Its unfair to ask the rest of the world to take up the slack for your inability to pay attention in school, follow the law and work hard.

    Cut em off.

  • Absolutely, they should

    The role of government is not suppose to be to provide services and handouts. It is supposed to be solely for the protection of life, liberty and property. Anything else is just asking for numerous groups and people to petition for more and more of government (the people's) money. Private charity and private donations can help but anytime government does something, they do it as the expense of someone else. Government cannot help Peter until government forcibly takes from Paul.

  • Change is needed

    Welfare should exist in a different form than it does today. Folks should be rewarded for getting a job by being weaned from welfare. I see it every day at work someone gets a job and the next month rent goes up and they're struggling to make ends meet. No time to save a rainy day fund, they've been pushed into pay check to pay check living. They should be given 3 months of assistance at a reduced rate and given support around financial planing in order to better prepare themselves for the future. This would mean ending Elgar as we currently know it which wouldn't be a bad thing.

  • Redistribution is a fundamental aspect of a caring society

    People who are prejudiced against poor people have my contempt. A universal right to which we must all strive is economic equality - economic equality and freedom rhyme. One cannot be truly free to experience the fullness and wonder of what it is to be human unless the corrupting and sinister force of money and the capitalist system, with which humans have circumvented ethics and compassion, are curbed, or, if humanity ever reaches the sufficient level of enlightenment, eliminated.

  • I no Stupid

    Governments role is in servitude to the population, which is why the governments body is elected and not determined by divine rights or blood rights. The protection of life includes a shield of compassion which does not include letting one die from preventable diseases. It is selfishness and stupidity that demands one to earn the right to live when others demand the right to a golden toilet.

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