• Welfare with 3. 9% unemployment?

    The worst thing the goverment can do for poor people is enable them to be bad parents and lazy by giving them welfare. There is tons of work out there right now and yet millions of people still get welfare. Pay for your kids, Food and house like everyone else. Your not special, Your a drain on decent people.

  • $50, 000 a year living in section 8

    I know many people that have a significant other that is on welfare. They claim different residency, But live together. They make over $50, 000 a year, But because one of them does not work they get free housing, Food stamps, State insurance for one of them, And their child. I make less a year but have to pay for where I live. People will "play the system" meaning steal from their neighbors, Friends, And family. End welfare.

  • We are in danger of mob rule

    Pass a Constitutional amendment to forbid convicted felons and those who are on public assistance in a given year. One of our two major parties has a bread and circuses philosophy. We fast are becoming a collectivist society. We also need to give people the ability to take care of themselves buy increasing IRA limits to the same amounts allowed to 403b's and 457's.


    THow dare anyone have kids whom they cannot support! There is nothing in the Constitution which permits government to tax funds to make up for the economic and social failings of others. That would be a task for private charities. Private charities should depend on individual and business contributions, Not on government grants, And charities should not pay huge sums to their executives, Which is an insult to their contributors.

  • YES, Yes, And YES

    It not Federal Government. Responsibility. Give states the power to determine what needed welfare programs are, If needed at all. Thus, We will be able to try up to 53(Lat that number sink in! )[I included DC, Puerto-Rico and US virgin Islands] welfare systems, Varying from the most generous ones in California and New York and, Well, Poorest like in Ariona or Texas. Since welfare is paid by taxes, It will be a responsibility of state government to tax properly. What is more, It would be easier to cut or expand welfare taxes, Since it is done on a state level. This is, I believe, Will be the most proper intepretation of "e pluribus unum". Also, It since taxpayers are not interested in payng more taxes, It will encourage people who are on welfare(64% of them were not working last year) to get of it and find work as quickly, As possible. It is right and equitable soultion. And it is right. Also, It is really american.

  • Stop the War on Poor Families!!!

    The War on Poverty, initiated almost 55 years ago by LBJ, has been an abject and catastrophic failure. The most telling evidence for this has been the dramatic rise in out-of-wedlock births in America- from an alarming 22% for African-Americans in 1964, to an unconscionable 75% today (2018). We've spent 28 $$TRILLION$$ predicated on the notion that there is no additional income in the home (ie: a FATHER with a JOB), and giving unwed moms additional support for having babies they can't adequately support. Let's stop blaming the victims of the War on Poor Families- they're just the poor souls who are struggling to survive in terrible conditions. The blame must be placed squarely where it belongs: with the demagogues and legislators who don't have the guts to admit what has become blindingly obvious: that the federal government has done and continues to do grave damage to poor families through well-intended public policy gone dreadfully awry.

  • Get rid of it

    Too much abuse it is not my job to take care if lazy ppl. Stop handing out my money
    to others. Same with ssi disability. It's all fraud I understand ppl need it but now ppl just don't want to work. Pure laziness.Make all the welfare ppl pay for their kids schooling and no more eic at tax time

  • Stop Welfare Now

    I work my butt off so able bodied people can sleep in and do whatever they want during the day, which apparently isn't parenting!!! How do "I" or anyone else owe you a thing???? If you can't afford a kid don't have a kid...Especially 8!!!

    But they all want to complain about how unfairly they are treated and how they have nothing. No kidding, you will never have anything and your kids are learning the same behaviors from you.

    Here shortly the money is going to run out and then what will happen? It's apparently obvious, you'll try and rob the same people who have been paying your bills. However, unlike the check you get in the mailbox, I'm "legally" armed and will shoot your dumb asses.


  • Welfare is nothing more than stealing food off the table of those who work

    Welfare is a crime against society. It is not the responsibility of those who work to survive to pay for those who are simply lazy and irresponsible. Welfare should be a one time temporary thing. Such as a maximum of 6 months per lifetime and only available to those who have consistently paid taxes for a minimum of 10 years. I'm tired of seeing able bodied people in there 20's paying with an independence card. By the way being on welfare is not being independent. A person on welfare is a society dependant. Let's start calling them for what they are. Leaches! Yes I understand there are some we should help but not by giving them money. How about work for food and shelter program. Even better if you can't make it in today's modern society then you should be removed a placed in a part of the world full of all the same people who are society failures. Think about what Jesus said, If we teach a man to fish he will have food for life. That assumes that after educating someone on how to get there own food they must get up off there couches and go work for a meal. We already educate our society so why are we putting up with a segment of lazy people. Welfare is simply stealing food from the working persons table and giving it to couch potatoes. It's time for Liberals to be silenced on this issue. Work, support yourself and your family or get out of modern society!

  • Welfare Just Temporary Measure

    Welfare in the United States should only be used as a temporary measure to get someone back on their feet in an emergency. For people on a permanent disability who can't work, then something more should be done. Otherwise, welfare should be the purview of private charities. Homeless shelters, food pantries and clothing banks can all help people who don't have the resources for basic needs.

  • No, of course not.

    We in the United States to need to have welfare available because there are always going to be those who fall on hard times or who can not support their children. However, there probably should be conditions of training or work imposed along with a time limit so it does not go on forever.

  • Ending All Welfare Not Recommended

    The government should heavily cut back upon its welfare programs. Then again, fully eliminating these programs would be a terrible idea. Some Americans truly rely upon these programs to survive and don't take them for granted. Still, the country can't pay for its current welfare programs for much longer without trouble.

  • They should not.

    The United States of America's government should not end welfare in the United State. What the government needs to do is be more strict and enforce drug testing on those who get welfare. This would help prevent abuse from the people who do not deserve it which would save money.

  • No, the governemnt should not end welfare in the US.

    I think that ending welfare altogether would be too extreme. There would be many families that would go without food and housing overnight. This is why we need to gradually reduce spending and funding on welfare programs. This way people are not put out on the streets instantly by ending welfare.

  • Welfare supports the needy

    No government should not end welfare. Welfare was created to help people that are struggling. Without it, many families would be without proper food, clothing and shelter. Many families fall on hard times, especially in the recent economy. Many people are without work. Welfare helps these people get back on their feet and enables them to become self sufficient again.

  • I don't think so.

    Welfare has been around for such a long time and I feel like it has benefited so many throughout the years. I do feel like some changes need to be made on how people obtain assistance with welfare. For instance, I think mandatory drug testing would be a wise decision on the governments part. I also think various incentives on how to get people back on their feet would also be a good idea.

  • It's a tradition

    Social welfare is a service that dates back to the Roosevelt administration as a way to assist Americans during the Great Depression. The services have been expanded by both democrats such as Clinton and Republicans such as Nixon. Medicare and Medicaid are Republican-instituted social welfare programs. The fact that it is twisted into a Republican talking point does little to address the fact that millions of Americans benefit from these services for decades, and it makes little sense to withhold those services now.

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