• I'm a Cashier At A Grocery Store. Need I say more?

    As if it wasn't bad enough knowing that The Government was giving my hard-earned money to young, totally capable, but unwilling, and lazy, high school drop-outs, I as a cashier get to personally hand out the food that those food stamps and WIC checks paid for to the young and lazy "Useless Trash of America" (as i refer to them). And I have to do so, to support myself but as a (lets call it a side-effect) I am simply Making more money to be taxed and given to the Trash. It is a horrible cycle, that I am simply SICK TO DEATH of. And as if this didn't grind my gears enough, I work at a very High-end (High-priced) grocery establishment, therefore not only are they buying food with my money they are buying expensive over-priced food. And not essential food like milk eggs and bread, Poptarts and $5 bags of high-end chips, and Sushi (Pricey anywhere) and then pull out their own cash (I'm sure they didn't really earn or at least wasn't taxed) In order to pay for their cases and kegs of alcohol and bulk packs of tobacco. Now I make no joke when I say I could quite literally go on typing ALL NIGHT, but I will end it here by saying there has existed a single principle since the very beginning of the human species or life itself for that matter that I STRONGLY believe we should follow today. And that saying is, as we put it in the South where I live: "YA DONT WORK, YA DONT EAT!"

  • Tired of my check being cut so short

    People are getting lazier day by day. People I attend school with are on welfare because their parents are too lazy to get a low end job and work their way up from there. I cant stand seeing my check every month get cut short because people who are too lazy or faking disabilities are getting part of my money I worked so hard to earn. Now if people actually were mental then put them on medication so they can work instead of giving them free money. We are in too much debt as it is, growing up thinking I'll be okay, but I forget about my future kids. I'm sorry but some fat chick that has designer jeans, fancy fake nails and an expensive up do doesn't deserve free money because to me that's cheating all of us hard workers out of our money. My mother works for CPS and some times when I go to bring her lunch I see people driving Mercedes and fancy cars, driving up to collect welfare and I sit in my car thinking what in the world? It isn't a free check its meant for people that need it. People need to stop abusing it.

  • STOP the MADNESS!!!!

    This country makes it so people don't even try anymore! We can't continue like this or we are going to completely cripple our country! If you don't give away free money, then people have to find a way to survive! We have to stop enabling!!! We are going broke too in the social security because everybody thinks they are disabled and stand in line for their money too!!! Have you ever seen some of the people who claim to be disabled? PEOPLE, get a friggin job and stop using the system. Whatever happened to the days where family helped their family members till they got on their feet???? We have lost all sense of family!!!

  • Ending Welfare Would Be More Expensive.

    The end of welfare would be the end of civilization in most popular cities in America because the crime rate would sky rocket. The increase crime would end up costing more because more police, prosecutors and jails would be necessary. Housing, feeding and maintaining a prisoner is much more expensive than just giving a fraction of that expense away now as welfare.

  • Yes its not fair

    I feel that if we continue this madness the people are never going to learn and are going to continue on people like me who are making over 100k a year I worked hard in college and at my job why do I have to pay for a drop out who wants to stay home and get stoned.

  • Welfare moms can be stopped

    Allow one out of wedlock child on welfare. If pregnant with second, give her the choice of either tubal ligation at the birth of the second, or no welfare on that child. Government could easily afford to pay for procedure and come out way ahead in the long run. Does not affect civil rights--It is her choice.

  • It's my money!

    Welfare didn't exit in the US until the 20th century, before that people who were poor had to work hard to provide for their families, take on another job, and save their money for basic necessities. People on welfare shouldn't be able to comment on this website because they shouldn't have laptops. LAPTOPS ARE NOT NECESSARY. If youre to lazy to work then beg on the street. The government and hard working people's wallets are Not Your Baby's Daddy.

  • A different kind of welfare

    Welfare should not be free money. Why can't it be a job based government organization? "You need welfare, here's a shovel!" Take the drug users and abusers out of the system and use that money gained to fund such a program. If your family needs legitimate help then I feel it is deserved, but by no means free. I work for mine, you work for yours! Sometimes I wish I was not so prideful and hard working that I could sit on the couch to get paid too. Well, we can't all do that... who would pay for who?

  • I"ve Seen Way Too Much Abuse

    Working at a Medicaid clinic allowed me to see families with five kids refusing to work. Promoting abuse of free healthcare and food benefits without proper government oversight is disastrous. Create government commissaries that only sell (or ship) nutritious, economical food. Pay for childcare and education, not waste and abuse.

  • Bottom Feeders

    My roommate is divorced and the mother has custody of his 2 kids. She re-married and had 2 more kids with another man, and divorced him after 4 months of marriage. Now this single mother gets 2x child support, $1000 in food stamps, about $600 in the form of a welfare check, and free medical. Now she is trying to get more money from the system. Never worked once in her life and is a bottom feeder.

  • What would Jesus say/do?

    I know it's a cliché to say what would Jesus do. That being said, seriously what would he do? Most Americans call themselves religious and the majority of those would put the check mark on the Christian box. So, with that why would the same people simple call welfare lazy people who drain us and basically are a waste of air? I don't get it. Jesus always spoke about how the weak will be saved and all that stuff. Most Americans would say that they are Christians, but I guess it's easier to say we are something than actually be something. Bad things happen to good people, and if the people standing do not help the people that fall down then we are doomed. It's as simple as that. I wonder how many of the people who voted yes have actually been successful in life with absolutely no help from anyone whatsoever. The truth is EVERYONE in life has been helped by someone else, and unfortunately some people have to go to government.

  • Think! People! Think!

    What would happen to all the families out there that are barely making ends meet? That's what you people should think about: all those people that are going to suffer because you take away their only source of ways to eat, have shelter, and get to work. You people should think that you are getting more money then the lower and middle class families.

  • NO NO NO

    Not all people can be born white, free and 21 was a saying at one time. And it is true. You people who are lucky enough to be able to work everyday, not be disabled or elderly, should thank your lucky stars. But no, instead you are stingy, uncaring, horrible people who would deny someone who cannot make a living a subsidy to live on. Someday that person might be you. You may be old and broke with no healthcare or program to help you subsist in your later years. You are short sighted, narrow minded, non christian, and immoral. I think that saying that you are selfish and unthinking, is just not going far enough. Shame on you. May all the things you with for people who cannot fend for themselves, happen to you.

  • This is crazy.

    Let's get real here. How much is really coming out of your pockets ? Should hard working people on welfare be punished? Hell no! Everybody deserves a chance. Don't you think they're paying just like you are? Not everybody is handed a silver spoon at birth, and yes, there are people who abuse it, and yes, they shouldn't be allowed to collect, but if you do work hard and collect food stamps then yes, I feel you shouldn't be judge and yes o well if they have a nice car clothes etc.. They worked hard to so stop worrying about welfare and worry more about why are we fighting other countries and turning around and rebuilding what we destroyed where is that money coming from?

  • Not everyone CAN work!

    Look, there are people using and abusing the system, but there are those who really need it. I know a couple where the husband is blind and the wife cannot work due to an injury. They also have a 4 year old daughter. Should they be homeless beggars simply because no one will hire the blind guy? What about the wife? Penalize her because she got injured, while working, and can no longer work? What about the child? Should we keep the child from getting vaccinations and checkups because of their situation? It is not their fault. Just because someone is on assistance programs does not make them lazy.

  • Not all people on welfare are lazy, I happen to be one of them!

    Yes, I am on welfare. Without the support I get for my family from the state, which also comes from other peoples pocket, I would not be where I am now. I decided to use the time I am on welfare to pursue my undergraduate/graduate degree. I am now 22 years old and will be getting my masters degree in May. When I start my career then that will be the time I will get off welfare and contribute back to the system/community. So people, do not label all welfare recipients as lazy, as I happen to be one of the most hardworking welfare recipients out there.

  • All those who say YES be thankful for your situation

    I used to be completely against welfare and food assistance. My husband had a great job and I didn't have to work. We had great benefits, money in our savings, the whole nine yards. Then he lost his job due to downsizing of the company. We tried for a year and could not find any decent paying work. We used all our savings trying to keep our house but ultimately had to move back in with my parents, who are both disabled and unable to work, leaving all the expenses to us. We finally both got jobs in fast food only because of a favor from a friend. But this was not enough. I cried so many times because I could barely feed my children. Then someone suggested to me that I should apply for food stamps. It was a very hard decision, but we desperately needed it. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt giving my kids "seconds" of dinner. Since then, thankfully, my husband has moved on to a better job. I'm still working in fast food and we are both going to college to get ourselves out of this rut. We still have benefits, but its not much and its not for much longer. And yes, of course there are people who abuse the system, but there really are hard working, honest people out there who really need the help. And I'm sorry if these people don't "look poor enough" for you.

  • "Yes" comments are full of Hate

    All of the votes for "yes" are followed by hate comments. I've read things like "people have better stuff than I do and they do nothing." Or, "they have better insurance than I do." Where does this come from? What makes any of you think as a whole they have better insurance? They don't. What about the people who say "they work their tails off, but welfare recipients are better off than me doing nothing." I would say one of two things in response. You are wrong. There is no way someone who works 70 hours a week (as I read in one comment) is worse off than someone on welfare. Or, if by some miracle you are right, and they are better off than you, then I would say why don't you take a look at your own expenditures and make adjustments accordingly because you are doing something wrong. People, it sounds like all of you are jealous that they don't have to do anything. While that isn't always true it is sometimes. Would you rather sit on your butt and do nothing anyway? No, because it is depressing, un-fulfilling and shameful. That is the trade-off, a sad sad life, and the alternative to working hard. It is no life to envy, yet it seems all of you are jealous.

  • No

    Too many children would go hungry without it. With the economy where it is people who otherwise would literally starve to death and have no home are currently being helped by welfare and if that is taken away people will die .

  • Because poverty still exists in America

    I know I always see people collecting welfare checks on the first of the month in a fancy Mercedes (sarcasm)!
    Poverty is real. The economy sucks. There are no jobs. People in one of the mightiest economic countries still live pay check to pay check.
    I actually pity those who say people on welfare are lazy and uneducated. Your average college graduate with all of his/her education can't find a job in today's workforce. So they go back and live with mom and dad? Good thing they have that safety net of parents wealthy enough to support them. Or they collect some kind of Government Assistance.
    And military vets are another group of people dependent on Government Assistance. They get out the military and struggle to find jobs. The struggle is so great that the government actually rewards employers for hiring vets.
    So perhaps when some of us judge others form our air conditioned houses, speedy internet connection, and smart phones should remember poverty is real. Hopelessness is real. People need help making ends meet. If you don’t believe me drive through your nearest city and count the homeless.
    It saddens me to read 78% of people vote to remove assistance to the poor and in need. Because of a "welfare queen" stereotype.

    Obviously 78% of people don’t know what it's like to live paycheck to pay check. When ones salary is already spoken for before the check is even cashed.

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she says2013-05-03T15:44:08.977
I understand it is a very touchy situation.I don't think it should be taken away but the welfare system needs a bit of tweeking!I see it all,families that work part time jobs,can't get help w/ food stamps or even get health care for their children yet people that don't work or haven't in years,get to load up carts w/ the most expensive steaks,seafood and junk food yet pull out an access card,live rent free in a nice house,nice car&free health care.It's not out of jealousy,it's the fact that people get these things for free without putting any work in for it..I think people get comfortable so they remain on welfare.Many that get disability that are supposed to take meds daily,drink everyday yet aren't supposed to mix alcohol w/ the meds..Does this make sense?When I as a part time worker can't even get help w/ health care???I also think that welfare should allow a time period to get welfare and people should only get it for 1 child.I believe that everyone sometimes needs help but people shouldn't get everything handed to them.I understand people can't work because of disabilities but people also use it as an excuse to be lazy.I'm one of those people among many others' that if you are able bodied but don't atleast try to put work in,you don't eat.The only reason why I'm mad about the system because of the people that abuse it and ruin it for others'.It's all around me,especially when they get it from multiple states.I also see multiple families living in houses paid for by the government when there are many working people living in the house not accounted for.Where is there a line drawn?The welfare abuse needs to looked upon w/ a close eye and the people who do need it should get help w/ it...I hope something is done soon to bring the abusers to light because it is getting ridiculous...
Anonymous says2013-05-30T14:18:27.667
I can't say yes and I can't say no. I feel that current welfare regulations, rules, guidelines need a massive over haul.
1. Require welfare recipients to send in a weekly paper showing that your looking for work, require a signature from an HR person, or include the business information so it can be verified.
2. Limit the amount of time you can be on welfare.
3. Do not have more kids while on welfare.
4. If paying work can't be found after a reasonable time, maybe require them to do community service/volunteer.
5. Food Stamps & TANF ( AKA. Cash Assistance ) recipients should be required to copy and send in recites showing what they bought/paid.
6. It should be more focused on help children under working age ( atleast under 18 yrs old) and disabled/forced early retirees/veterans.
Just my opinion on some things that could be done. Would like to hear others opinions/ideas as well.
Quan says2013-06-17T18:37:15.253
We either end welfare (or at the very least overhaul it) or wait until the entire system collapses. It's simply not sustainable in its current state. It's silly how any one who even suggests forcing a little responsibility on recipients is met with an endless stream of excuses and insults from the entitled class.
Anonymous says2013-07-26T00:49:40.907
If you don't like government spending, stop supporting/donating to organizations that get most, if not all of their funding from the government. I'm talking about so called "noprofit" organizations that are bleeding our country dry. I personally don't donate s*** to charity. The few charities that I do donate to are like Tutor for Good, because they don't take any government funds. They're privately funded.
Shadowguynick says2013-07-31T03:24:45.137
Wtf is wrong with most of you?! There are people working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet. They are not "lazy" and they are not drug addicts. There are some who abuse it, but that is the same with most systems. Also most don't use it that long. And there are limits on when and how much you collect. My mom got fired so she used it for 6... Months. That is not that long and as soon as she got a job she was off it. Plus welfare helps the economy. If the government gives money to people in need said people would still be able to buy the products they need which means that they can keep business going in bad times.
Anonymous says2013-09-07T18:05:23.777
Yes, end welfare because why should we work while others eat better than those that pay taxes. These people have a better life staying home and making more babies for us to feed with our tax money. Let them work and, if they don't work than tough luck as they say in Mexico.
Anonymous says2013-09-17T15:28:57.007
Yes it should be limited to people who are disabled and the elderly who have worked their whole life and paid taxes. The system is so flawed, I see people in the grocery store all the time buying name brand everything and even steak that are on food stamps. While people like me who pay taxes clipping coupons and buying generic brands. Our taxes go to pay for the people who won't work or are to lazy to work. I spend maybe 400 a month on food for a family of 4. Not only that, then there is the free and reduced lunches. Shouldn't they make their lunch like my kids do. My kids aren't to good for boloni and peanut butter and jelly, and that is factored in to the 400 a month I spend on groceries. I'm not against helping people, some people really do need help getting on their feet, but welfare should be just that, a helping hand... Not a lifestyle! Put a 2 year limit on it, that's plenty of time to get on your feet and make an honest living. What incentive do people have to try to better yourself when everything is free. People need to learn to live in your means. It's not rocket science, if you make 50,000 a year then don't buy a 200,000 house, or a brand new car. We have 2 kids because we couldn't afford more. We knew there would be expenses that we had to pay for, like college and just the raising them. People on welfare get waved fees at college while my kids don't. So we are looking at junior colleges unless they get scholarships. We don't qualify for financial aid for college because we make too much, really how is that when we live pay check to pay check? I myself had to drop out of college because I couldn't get financial aid and my parents were working middle class parents . I got a job and worked 2 jobs to finish, it took me 7 years but I did it. I'm not trying to sound cold or uncaring but how about a little compassion for the working people of America . How about cutting us a break every now and then.
rdy2snap says2013-12-07T18:49:48.550
I think parents who have teens who are having babies should be responsible for them and their babies, and this is where the parents kick their kid out and then the child having the child needs the help. The government needs to make the parent liable and deduct child support from that parent who then kicks their under age child out. Parent need to take charge of their children and step up and be a parent.
Then you have the elderly who have worked all of their lives and now they are turned down for help, with heat, meds, food, and shelter. As far as abolishing the welfare system, I say no, but reforming it and giving new guidelines and rules on what types of food and or item that can be bought needs to happen. I am in retail and I see what people buy, it needs to happen, candy, soda, chips etc. Should not be allowed to be bought on food stamps, granted my grandmother buys it, but it is not healthy, only healthy food should be bought, like milk eggs bread, cereal, fruits veggies, and meats, we have enough technology to determine what is what lets use it
Tlove7 says2014-03-11T16:29:31.820
I feel that only those who truly needed it should receive it. Now if you decide to keep on having kids because you know government programs will help then no. Taxpayers should not have to pay for your irresponsible decisions. However, if you are trying to do better and just need some help temporary then fine. Too many people take advantage of it. Pretty sad.
AltaVega says2014-09-09T20:11:45.270
I would support the welfare system more, if it were equally distributed to EVERYONE in need; Not just women with poor planning and decision-making skills or low/no motivation. But it is impossible for a single poor woman or a single poor man to get assistance. The welfare system is outdated, and geared towards rewarding people for reproducing. The world is overpopulated, humanity is not on the verge of extinction (Thanks to breakthroughs in modern medicine), we don't need to keep rewarding people for popping out 3 -7 kids at a time, ESPECIALLY when they couldn't afford the 1st one they had. WHY aren't we rewarding people who make RESPONSIBLE decisions, like waiting until they are financially stable enough to afford a child? Finishing post-secondary education and securing unemployment BEFORE popping out a kid? Single people without children struggle too, and their lives are just as important as any "oops" baby. If single childless men and women got the same type of support that "Families" (Read: Single mother, multiple child households) received, we would have more stable society, and more stable families contributing to society. We need some SERIOUS welfare reform.

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