Should the government ever restrict freedom of speech?

  • Freedom of Speech: One of the Biggest Mistakes Ever

    It is written in law that people in the United States have freedom of speech, but we should not. Take, for example, the attack in Texas. A group of anti-Islam supporters decided to hold a contest, with the intent that an attack would happen. They also did as a deliberate act of disrespect to the Islamic faith. They justified their beliefs by saying that it was free speech, which it was. The people were able to be completely disrespectful to an entire faith and no consequence will come to them. Also consider the American Nazi Party that had a parade in an all Jewish community. People have been able to use free speech as a way to justify their hate speech. As a nation the United States needs to reconsider if free speech really is a good thing. I would say there is no way we should have completely free speech that is unrestricted.

  • Government Should Not Restrict Freedom of Speech

    No, the government should never restrict the right to freedom of speech. The US Declaration of Independence lists three inalienable rights, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All of these rights are dependent upon another right, the freedom of speech. To lost the freedom of speech is to lose the ability to carry out these inalienable rights.

  • Absolutely not !

    Do you think that the government should define who has the right to say or even think what we want? Do you have any nominee for the job of defining what you are allowed to say? If there is just one person who opposes one motion which everybody else supports, it is important to listen to that one person, for he or she might have some interesting things to say and it will sharpen your own mind if you allow things to be said that you might not like and will stop you from being overly self-assured. As Orwell said: "Freedom of speech only makes sense if you allow people to say things that you might not like." Do you think any idea shall be above criticism?

  • A part of life

    Freedom of speech is something that makes us all different. Its a part of our every day lives and a basic human right. We're all meant to live our lives to the fullest and stand up for what we believe in. How can we do that if we're a screwed up society?

  • Feedom of Speech

    The government can never take away a basic human right, that is absoloutley rediculous they can try to surrpress such a freedom that ever human has the right to. The first amendment (to the constitution) clearly states it is a god given right and that the Government can never interfere.

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