• It should expand.

    I like food stamps. Know why? Because I don't like to see people in the richest and most powerful country in the world starving to death on the streets. This is sickening beyond comprehension. A better idea would be to simply give money to people who can't afford food. But, of course, that's out of the question due to greed and stupidity.

  • The government should increase the use of food stamps

    Food stamps are an excellent example of government action that puts money back into the economy while also helping people meet their basic needs. The idea that food stamps encourage laziness is totally overblown; they are a necessary part of our safety net, and they represent money that people spend immediately, thus spurring the economy.

  • The program should be expanded.

    The United States government needs to expand the use of food stamps. This position is unpopular with conservatives and other people who are mentally incapable of empathy. There is not much fraud and abuse in the system (no, your anecdotal recollections don't count, solid facts do) and it helps millions of Americans.

  • Yes, I think the program needs to be expanded.

    Yes, the government should expand the food stamp program. Regardless what is on the news, the economy is not healed. There is an entire class of people who are trying to get by on minimum wage jobs with part time hours. These people are working hard, most have 2 jobs, both part time. These people need help with groceries. Many are families with children.

  • Less government is what I like

    I would like the government to aid and be in charge of roads, bridges and defense, that is about it. I don't think the government should be involved in people's lives to that extent. People shouldn't have kids without being able to provide for them. If someone is that irresponsible how can they be responsible with food stamps. I like what Maine did recently where if you were capable of working you had to complete a training program, or volunteer 24 hours in a month, or get a part time job to qualify and over 6,000 people were dropped from the program for refusing to comply.

  • No, I think the Government should reduce the use of food stamps.

    I think the Government should reduce the amount of aid it gives in food stamps, I think there needs to be audits on how the majority of money is being spent and how fraud there is in the program, I do believe that those who legitimately need assistance should receive it but overall I believe there is lots of fraud that can be eliminated in the program.

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