• Reduce Poverty Period

    I believe it is stupid to assume that the government can solely focus on reducing child poverty. I believe poverty in general needs more attention in the United States. There has been a lot of talk about income inequality and the income gap but it never mentions the poverty it has thrust the majority of Americans into. The middle class is dead. The majority of the middle class is now in poverty, that's a problem that is now affecting the majority of children in the United States.

  • It's very important

    The primary duty of the government is to make sure that its citizens are safe, and spending so much on national defense is ludicrous when the greatest crime ever committed against the American populace is capitalism itself, which has caused an epidemic - especially in urban areas - of child poverty.

  • Reducing poverty everywhere.

    The US government is corrupt. We have easily one of the most powerful and wealthy governments in the entire world, yet our tax dollars are paying more for wars on the poor than wars on poverty. We shouldn't even have to donate to charity that much, our government needs to be doing so much more to help not only poor people in this country but poor people around the world. Ridiculous.

  • Yes it should.

    I do believe the government should focus on reducing child poverty in the United States because our children are our future. When a child is living in poverty it is hard for them to do good in school. The may not be getting proper nutrition and sleep. So yes it should be focused on.

  • Eliminate Poverty, Homelessness Before Exploring Space

    Instead of exploring the surface of Mars, the U.S. government should focus on eliminating childhood poverty with a combination of welfare and job training. Jobs should be the main focus, and not just jobs digging ditches for the Keystone XL pipeline for two years. Citizens need training and college degrees as noted by a recent wage gap study among those people with and without college degrees. It's hard for children to learn when they don't know when and where their next meal comes from.

  • The U.S. should invest in its people.

    The future of any country is its children. The U.S. has great natural resources and is the world's richest economy. It is hard to understand why such a country can tolerate having citizens who live in poverty or who struggle to find work. The first priority should be providing decent housing, healthcare and education to the citizens. Also, money should be invested in public works projects. These will put people to work doing meaningful work and help maintain the infrastructure of the nation. The vast sums of money spent on aid to other countries and on weapons programs would be far better spent at home.

  • The government has good intentions, but bad results

    It is a very noble cause have the government try to reduce child poverty. However, I do not think that the government can solve the problem. The government has proven to be rather ineffective and inefficient when it comes to helping its citizens. I believe that there is a better way to reduce child poverty. Instead of using the government, which is usually inefficient and can be corrupt at times, we should try to promote charities to help impoverished families and remove government control in the economy. Lowering government restrictions on the economy will allow the economy to grow, which will help all families, and provide more disposable income to be spent on charities. Instead of spending time and money lobbying for government "solutions" to child poverty, we can spend that time and money helping those who are in need. The government should stop spending on the economy, which will lower taxes, help alleviate the growing debt problem, and allow poor families to grow with the economy. Before anyone calls me heartless for wanting the government to stop spending money to help people in poverty, my family was in poverty for until I was ten years old and my mother was able to start a successful business to make money. This is how I know reducing government involvement will work: it will lessen taxes, allowing the poor to keep their money, and it will allow businesses to thrive, so impoverished families can get better jobs or even start their own business.

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