Should the government force parents to apply sunscreen to their children?

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  • No nanny state

    In my opinion the government's job is to inform, not to enforce, on matters which are a personal choice. This applies to how many vegetables we eat, whether we choose to eat Macdonalds, or whether we choose to use sunscreen. I have a friend who lives in the south of France, and they hardly ever use sunscreen, just use other sensible methods - ie stay out of the hottest sun, cover up with long sleeved shirts, etc. These are our decisions, not the government's.

  • No - it's up to the parents

    It is unfair for the government to impose that job on the parents. It is the right of the parents to decide how to raise their children. They can allow their children to eat what they decide is best to feed them, and similarly, they should be able to decide on their children's sunscreen decisions.

  • How Is That Enforceable?

    This is asinine. Asking the government to force the use of sunblock is like asking the government to force people to wear sunglasses on sunny days. This is a personal choice that rests in the hands of the parents to protect their children. Responsible parents wouldn't even THINK about leaving their kids out in the sun for a long period of time without sunblock. Leave this one to the parents - the government should be focusing on bigger things than this.

  • sunscreen needs to be water resistant – otherwise will wash off

    This is the kind of controversy that makes me crazy. Can we not be reasonable adults who can make decisons, not rules. If the public schools can’t figure out how to let kids have sunscreen on field day.If you don’t allow for sunscreen you should not force kids to be in the sun for longer than 30 minutes or so . If they force kids to stay for longer they are guilty of negligence – especially since teachers were seen putting on sunblock on for they knew that they could get sunburns.

  • Child Abuse Reporting Already Covers This Type of Crime

    Parents shouldn't abuse kids. Modern Americans already know smoking is bad for them. Many people also know to wear sunscreen during a sunny day. With the Internet, texting and all sorts of medical information available, there is no excuse for parents not to put sunscreen on their children. However, it is not the government's job to tell moms and dads to do so. Only if an abusive situation results, such as hospitalization due to severe sunburn, should authorities intervene.

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