Should the government force people to have insurance?

Asked by: bigovisnsane
  • I would agree with it in this case.

    While normally, such force force from the government could be a bad thing, insurance for things like cars is a very important thing, as it keeps people from getting into accidents uninsured, and therefore paying out of pocket. From a health insurance standpoint, this allowed people to always be able to get prescription medication at the insured price instead of paying out of pocket (which can be quite expensive).

  • Because we all must protect ouselves from danger by having insurance

    Then we should think, if we dont have insurance how we can get a guarantee for our safety when something happen to us? With insuranve theres a lot of advantages that we can get, such a safety not just for ouselves but for ou children, wife and many more. The evidence is when people having inaurance, when he got injured and accident, he can get a guarantee to recover theirselves. But, then we think if we dont get an insurance, how we can get recover for ourselves? When the price of health how are very expensive. Thats why the government must force the people to have an insurance for their own safety.

  • Most definitely not

    There's a very simple reason. Insurance is not necessary to life. There is no such thing as a disease or cause of death labeled "insurance deficiency." Someone may experience troubles with payment if they don't have insurance, but if that's the risk they want to take then it's none of the government's business. Therefore, forcing everyone to have insurance is forcing a right on people. Not to mention, it's forcing them to participate in one part of the private sector. A good analogy would be forcing people to buy lettuce every time they go to the grocery store. Is that reasonable? No, it's healthy (assuming they eat the lettuce), but it's not reasonable.

  • Most definitely not

    Why? Here are a few reason:
    1) Its a major infringement on freedom.
    2) Its disrupts the free market.
    3) the federal government rarely does anything effectively (see the new affordable health care website or social security or the national budget).
    4) Its not in the federal government's job description. It should be non of their business what we do with or without insurance.

  • Power corrupts absolutley

    Non of their business its private sector look at whats happening distribution of wealth and stealing other peoples money special groups getting tax breaks socialism repeal the income tax lies next they will tell us what toilet paper we have to buy (see Cuba) we waited to read the law before we passed it which should be against the law and finally the road to hell is paved with good intentions

  • No It's Control

    It is control because we all should have the rights to choose what health care plan we want without the government. It would be damaging to force people to have insurance when they don't have the money to afford insurance. Our country was founded on the constitution to have freedom & no one can threaten that right.

  • It should allow an opt out option if someone so wishes.

    I do not mind the idea of single payer healthcare systems, as they do seem practical and they're adapted around the world in most developed countries. However with this, there should be an option to opt out of it if someone so wishes. If they can afford to pay for their own health insurance, they should be allowed the option to choose to. If they opt out, they won't pay the tax required for the healthcare, as they are not part of the government health plan.

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