• Stupid. Of course NASA need to be funded.

    For example, one of the most important discovery in astronomy is about tides. The study the attraction between Moon and the Earth helps us to understand the movement of tides. The activities of tides have a great impact on life and people's activities. Therefore, astronomy in general or NASA in particular, the funding is really necessary

  • NASA should be funded.

    I believe that NASA should be funded because as humans we are a very curious species. NASA has helped us understand our universe in a whole new way. Because of NASA new technologies have been created to help us humans with detecting weather patterns and gave us the internet. Without NASA life would be very different, we should keep funding NASA in order to keep learning and keep growing in technology so we can protect our environments and our world and our species.

  • Its NASA for crying out loud!

    NASA inspires people worldwide. It has inspired me to pursue a career in aerospace. The government should be given funds to organizations like these, not to fight more wars in countries on the other side of the globe. This is how we will advance as a country. We need more people like these, and someday, I hope to be on of them.

  • Give something to be Proud Of.

    The government needs to give something for the American people to be proud about. Back in the 60s when we landed on the moon. We were proud about it. I realize that we have some problems down here on Earth, but the people need something to look at and be proud of instead of looking at the mess we have at Washington. NASA also indirectly helps push kids to be smarter. Some see the astronauts and scientists that work for NASA and they strive to be like them.

  • Yes NASA is more important than funding a war.

    The government should definitely fund NASA because all our worldly problems seem pointless when there is an asteroid heading towards our planet. Without NASA, we wouldn't even know when an asteroid was on its way to Earth's atmosphere. In thousands of years, when we are all dust, we may need a new planet to provide for the growing population. NASA is a crucial step to help mankind grow.

  • Dinosaurs don't exist anymore for a reason

    There is a reason dinosaurs don't exist anymore: asteroids. This is very simple: fund the space program or be annihilated. It might not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen eventually. We are hurtling on a rock through a shooting gallery. We need more telescopes to look for asteroids, and we need more spacecraft so that when we find the killer asteroid we can actually do something about it.

    In the event that we miss the killer asteroid, we need self sufficient colonies on Mars so that our species doesn't go extinct.

  • NASA inspires the world

    NASA is part of the American dream, the dream of becoming an astronaut, the dream of seeing people walk on the moon, people do not want to see, wow, we funded the air conditioning for people overseas for a month, FANTASTIC! People want to see someone walking on Mars. People want to see new smaller technologies and scientific revolutions!

  • When we get our priorities straight.

    Space programs are important to society. While we should ensure we have basic needs met first (healthcare, education, employment, etc.), there is nothing wrong with funding NASA. We shouldn't put a huge chunk of our budget into it, but you have to remember that NASA comprises an extremely small part of our budget. Eliminating it will do almost nothing to fix our national debt. For that, we need to look at welfare reform and military spending.

  • Just because we weren't born in space doesn't mean we shouldn't go there.

    We have plenty of places where we should cut back spending. Nasa has contributed to the highest of our technology we now use (you name it). We evolve through the idea of curiosity. Moving forward through such curiosities helps us better understand, cope, and survive better. If we looked at things in the standpoint of well there is no need to desire any approach in the unknown, we would not evolve. Why look into space? Why look into new understandings of technology? Why leave the house? Ask these questions and always search for answers. Always ask questions and allow the world around you to amaze you.

  • Discovery and Exploration

    I think the government should donate to NASA for two big reasons, the first reason is exploration and the second is discovery. I think there is much more to our exploration and discovery that to this puny little planet the we call Earth. We could find intelligent life up there that could support us and help us. We could colonize other planets. We could also find oil up in space that could help us with our oil shortage. So yes, if the government donated to NASA, your vacations would go beyond Earth, you could take a vacation to Mars or the Moon. Come on that would be cool right? So those are my reasons why the government should donate to NASA.

  • Honestly, no, they shouldn't.

    If man were meant to be on the moon, like my grandma says, we would have been put there. Seriously, it seems stupid to fund NASA, there's no point to it. How many fatal accidents have there been because we were trying to find other life on another planet? C'mon.

  • I disagree OK.

    The answer to this would be no, simply because what NASA would fund would be completely ridiculous! Space elevators is a elevating plan, and if you don't know what it is, I'll explain it briefly. Basically the idea is to literally make an elevator from a specific standing point, all the way to space. (Or at least this is how it was explained to me when I first ran into the idea.) The idea behind it is that one day we'll have to colonize to Mars, and when this happens we'll have this space elevator to depend on. There are so many flaws to the space elevator, like space debris, which can not be solved for! Besides this the plan has never been done, so there's a high chance that we'll be funding something that can't done. Obviously our money is needed else where!

  • More challenges on earth

    Governments of developed countries have invested a great deal of money in space programs over the past few decades. It is true that space research has provided up-to-the-minute information which is very beneficial for us such as depletion of protective ozone layer. However, it is undeniable that there are a wide variety of issues at home which people should deal with, including poverty, diseases and education.

    For example, many people, including children, suffer from famine and HIVs in some parts of the globe. Therefore, I would argue that governments in economically developed nations should make more financial contribution to combating with these problems on earth, instead of spending a lot of taxpayers' money on NASA.

  • We are too in debt to continue to fund NASA.

    I do not think we should continue NASA for the time being. President Barack Obama has plunged us 10 trillion dollars more in debt, more than all the other presidents combined. That leaves we the people with less money than we should be getting. Until we can get the cash flow started again, I think NASA has to come to a halt. And my reasons are:
    My first reason not to fund NASA is because of all the lives lost in their explorations into space. Several of the rockets have exploded causing, and some have never come back. Those families would give anything for them to be back at home. But, they never will, and some even blame NASA for existing so they could join their program for more money, even though it cost their life.
    My second reason is because of all the money being spent for the space shuttles to be launched. It can cost upwards of $1 billion just for one rocket. We are already enough in debt, and basically it is a money pit. The rocket exploration is for mere curiosity, instead of for real critical thinking. We could save lives, instead of wasting it on more of the same thing.
    My last reason is the time spent on it. The time it takes to make the shuttle is immense, taking upwards of 10 years. And that is not even including the errors that they might have to overcome in the shuttle. Then, the actual launch device could take years, making the rockets useless.
    And those are my reasons we should stop funding NASA for the moment. Maybe in the future we could continue the space program in the future when we have more money, but we have no room to get more in debt just to examining something in space.

  • Not Worth It

    It's a total waste of money. Why would we spend money exploring other planets, and other galaxies, when we haven't even unlocked the secrets of something between our ears! I acknowledge that Earth is slowly deteriorating in many ways, but why not preserve it, instead of leaving it completely? If we just made some changes working for the environment instead of for profit, we could keep Earth habitable at least.

  • Earth is Home

    We should be exploring our own home, Earth first. Sure, we could find a planet to sustain life, but did the thought ever occur that we could live underwater? Secondly, NASA doesn't have the money anymore, so it means more taxes for us! :( Thirdly, NASA hasn't discovered anything truly mind-boggling in years.This is my argument.

  • They Shouldn't Fund It

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with anyone that thinks the government should fund NASA. We need to take care of home before we start trying to explore what is in space. There are much more important things that the government's money could go towards to help our every day lives.

  • Space Elavator for NASA

    As a Policy debater I have gained a lot of knowledge on if or if we should not fund NASA more than what we already do. The answer to this would be know, simply because what NASA would fund would be completley ridiculous! Space elavators is a elavating plan, and if you don't know what it is, I'll explian it briefly. Basically the idea is to litearlly make an elavator from a specific standing point, all the way to space. (Or at least this is how it was explianed to me when I first ran into the idea.) The idea behind it is that one day we'll have to colonize to Mars, and when this happens we'll have this space Elavator to depend on. There are so many flaws to the space elavator, like space debree, which can not be solved for! Besides this the plan has never been done, so there's a high chance that we'll be funding something that can't done. Obviously our money is needed else where!

  • America does not want to be in debt!

    With all of the failed spaceships that have been launched for the past 40 years, Why should we try another hundred years to make astronauts hearts sink, Waste money on suits, Food for astronauts, And especially spaceship resources! That is over a billion dollars on failed replays of the same-exact-thing.

  • No we shouldn't

    Its a waste of money and we have no real reason to explore space. Years ago it was about showing how good technology was becoming but now its just useless. These plans on colonizing mars are probably the most ridiculous plans ive ever heard. Instead of funding that we should try to fund education, Poverty, And other world issues. We're wasting our time in space.

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Anonymous says2013-04-10T17:04:43.417
I say no because we could have over million ne school programs
Anonymous says2013-04-10T17:08:37.030
With the money that nasa gets while our goverment is in debt is stupid
2943467890 says2017-03-01T18:45:53.227
Andrew is a defect