• Government should fund religious organizations.

    In my opinion, i think it will be great idea for the government to fund religious organizations.
    church-state concerns are implicated when government uses religious
    organizations to dispense aid. But if government tells a religious
    organization that it will give it aid money to help the poor,if, but only if, it becomes less wedded to its faith in its hiring practices.The federal government has helped the poor for decades by providing
    quite substantial funds to Catholic Charities and other religious

  • Religion has no place in modern society

    Religion is a ludicrous concept whereby indoctrinated people blindly follow what is utter nonsense. They should not be funded by the government. The UK is more atheist then the US, but still the christian church gets so many benefits and tax cuts etc etc. Religions are cults, they should fund themselves, they have extortionate amounts of money they can easily afford it. They should not be allowed a free ride.

  • No I disagree

    I believe in the separation of church and state. I do not think that government policies, laws, etc should include religious influence or views. The lines would be too blurred if the government funded religious organizations - they should not have anything to do with each other in that respect.

  • No They should not

    The government should not fund religious organizations in American. There is a reason we have a separation of church and state. It needs to stay that way. We have way to many sects and religions to fund them all. The government struggles to manage its finances now. The government should not fund religious organizations.

  • We have a constitution

    The constitution is clear about the separation of church and state, and if the government funds religious organizations that line becomes blurred. Do we fund all of them? I don't see anyone wanting to fund Muslims, but we are not a Christian country either and under our system of goverment we can't fund one without the other.

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