Should the government fund research to enhance human longevity?

  • Change is not only inevitable - It should also be fully embraced

    The problem is that people have a mindset stuck in tradition which is fixed ie. This is the way things are and so this is the way they should always be. Well life is not like that. As humans we exist to grown and learn. If this "tradition" argument was to hold true then anyone over age 30 should all be dead by now because it wasn't right for medicine to have advance to the level it currently has. The world is different now - we are all connected with the internet and with this connection and human will - we have the chance to advance our race to its full potential - but only if we can allow ourselves out of a narrow mindset which is not only pointless and dated but also counter productive and destructively wrong. The future is not just for our children and their children - it should be for everyone alive - for they too also have a right to live beyond those that currently don't yet exist.

  • Enhances Quality of Life

    Longer life is precious and humans should be able to live as long as possible. Women have a one in three chance of living to be older than 100 in developed countries! Government funding should go into research regarding human longevity, especially using natural means such as nutrition and disease prevention to prolong life.

  • Government should fund reseach to enhance human longevity

    The enhancement of human longevity should be funded by the government. Pharmaceutical companies will not invest on research that does not produce profits. Many research experiments that enhance human longevity don't have enough funds to continue. That's were the government can step in and help fund research that has been halted because of lack of funds. Funding for this research can help to produce new drugs and treatments that will enhance human longevity.

  • No, but they are already funding it in a way.

    The government already grants research money to scientists who are looking into various problems that face humankind. There's really no reason to increase the funding. If researchers are able to find out ways to combat common disease like cancer and heart disease, then they will increase human longevity just by discovering ways to combat them. The government can't increase spending with the current deficit we have. Researchers can find any additional funding they need from other sources.

  • With limited space and resources on this earth, people should not live any longer than they aleady do.

    In toady's world people are already outliving what they should thank to modern medicine and technology. Right now we still consider 80 years old somewhat young for someone to pass away. But by living longer we also deplete more of our resources, both on the earth and in our economy. The human race is out growing itself at an alarming rate and soon with medical advances, 100 will be the new normal. We should not let our society get to that point.

  • Nature has a balance system: life and death

    No, I do not believe that the government should fund research to enhance human longevity. Nature has a way of keeping the right amount of people on the earth at any given time. When we start altering the survival of the fittest concept, by prolonging live that should have long been recycled, we are throwing that delicate cycle off.

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