Should the government fund the construction of tornado shelters for schools?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Should be

    They should, as well as figure out a security measure for the shooting that keep popping up,
    this is why I don't like Obama, he is to focused on a seat on oprah to share the African American whatever,
    the tornadoes are worse and worse every year, I wish I was in charge sometimes I would listen to these sites they can be helpful as to helping americans

  • Yes, they should

    As long as government is funding schools and forcing kids to go to them, they should be funding ALL of the safety features such a building would require, be it tornado shelters, armed guards, security cameras, alarms, etc. Keeping children safe should be of the utmost importance to school planners and to those constructing budgets for schools.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Yes it should!!

    They should invest the money to protect kids from tornadoes. Since the government all about protecting the Americans. This is a must, especially in the south where lots of tornadoes are in action. The first thing is to make sure that our second generation is safe. Tornadoes are destructive and we need as much protection as possible.

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-27T08:30:52.410
If government is required to federally fund one natural emergency prone zone, then it should be equally required to federally fund all natural emergency prone zone, in equal amounts, or at least in proportional amount to the damage inflicted. This would include tornado shelters for schools along tornado alley, but also hurricane shelters for schools in hurricane prone zones, emergency "warm" and "food" shelters for schools in extreme winter prone zones, and emergency "cool" shelters for schools in desert climate zones. The children are our future, yes, and they can and should be the first our society funds to protect, but we must protect all our children equally. This includes are the children in Oklahoma (and tornado alley), New Orleans (i.E. Katrina), New England Area (i.E. Sandy), and any other children that would possibly be in the path of a tornado, or hurricane, or any possibility of extreme weather. If we decide to create shelters in one area and not another, it would not be an equitable distribution of our federal funds.