Should the government give aid to any country that had a major disaster?

Asked by: Noswad63
  • Wouldn't we want the same?

    If there was a major disaster here wouldn't we want the same? Our nation has plenty of wealth to give. It would likely be just a drop in the bucket. Yes we have a huge national debt and deficit but that doesn't mean cutting just anything is going to solve it. It is a waste of time to oppose tiny expenses like for example, foreign aid to needy people in the third world (less than 1% of the budget). If something is truly frivolous then it may be a matter of principle to cut it even if it's tiny, but helping people in disasters or people who are starving is the opposite of frivolous.

  • It's the Right Thing to Do.

    If someone falls, do you help them up? If someone drops something, do you give back to them? Why not look out for each other? Yes, I know it costs money, but in reality would you live at home knowing your own flesh and blood, brother or sister, was living in the street and you could offer them a place to stay? This is a question of morality. Is it worth your time and money? That's up to you. But I say how cold has the world gotten that everyone seems to be in survival mode? At what point do we say, "I won't help you, I'm comfortable with where I'm at, so help yourself."

  • Not every country

    There are many countries that have governments in place that cannot and should not be trusted. Egypt for example. What if they had a really bad drought. Should we send them aid? As bad as I would feel for the citizens, no we should not. The Egyptian government cannot be trusted. Same for the North Koreans. They spend all of their money trying to wage war with the world, particularly the USA, and at the same time expect us to send them food? Again, not all governments (I'd say most governments) can be trusted, and unless we can be sure that the aid is being used for aid, then no, we shouldn't just hand out money or food to countries.

  • Why should the United States always be the one to give support to disaster riddled countries?

    Im not saying the hgovernment should help at all during major disasters. But why is it that the united states is always expected to step in and help? Where are the other major powers? And what about our disaster relief and recovery during hurricane sandy or any other major disaster for that matter?

  • Not at all.

    First off, it's not America's responsibility to help everyone. That job should belong to the entire UN if any one group. Secondly, no one ever helps us out. Where was Europe during Sandy and Katrina? America's generosity is very one sided and it should be ended if it won't be reciprocated

  • What About Our Enemies?

    I don't support very much foreign aid, if any. But if we are going to give foreign aid after a disaster, it better not be to a country like Iran or another country that completely hates us, or even have vowed to destroy us. It just doesn't make any sense.

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