Should the government give tax breaks to companies using green technology?

  • Curbs Global Warming, Creates New Industry

    Green energy is a relatively new industry that has the potential to grow exponentially if governments give tax breaks to companies who manufacture and use green technology. Once the green energy industry gets more established, the tax breaks and subsidies can disappear. However, more investment in these technologies should be encouraged. Corporations can use solar cells and wind turbines to power their facilities, purchase recycled paper and even collect rainwater to water plants on their rooftops to earn the tax credits.

  • Yes. Because they support to reduce the carbon emissions.

    We know that one of the most sought after goals major wolrd economies is tp reduce carbon emissions and also control the temperature rise, which can be addresed by the use of green technologies such as sustainable manufacturing, green buildings, fuel efficient transportation and etc. The point is that these companies have tried and support the world to reduce its carbon emission. Therefore, we need to give them the tax break.

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