Should the government give vouchers for private school tuition?

  • The voucher system is inherently superior to almost everything save outright privatization

    Vouchers allow parents and students to vote with their feet and pocketbooks, as now there will be a marked improvement in almost every aspect of the public schools. They will be forced to actually compete, resulting in a better experience for all. The private schools will now have a greater pool of potential students to draw from, and will see increased profits. In short, there is no visible downside, save the formation of an underclass of schools, that now serve as hubs of drug abuse and crime. Maybe you see another downside, that I haven't noticed. In the event that you do, comment below. I'll get back to you.

  • Wisconsin Has Very Good Public Schools

    Here in Wisconsin we have good public schools. You use the word "compete", but what you want is a very unfair competition. When private schools request voucher funds they should be required to follow all the same rules that apply to public schools including:

    1.) Being subject to Wisconsin's open meeting laws. This would force private schools to conduct their administration in an open, public fashion. Their budgets would no longer be secret. They must open their financial records and make available for publication salaries paid to all their staff. Voucher money is public money, so the public has a right to know how those funds are being spent.

    2.) Accept special needs children. One problem with vouchers is private schools "cherry pick" students. Sure, every principal wants the academic achiever, the talented musician and the star athlete. But what about the student in a wheelchair? Let's not forget children who are in trouble with the Police. The Green Bay Press Gazette reported that private schools have collected voucher funds, but then counseled out the problem students and kept the money. The voucher system should be changed to force private schools to accept and educate their fair share of difficult to place students.

    Granted, there may be problems in the Milwaukee public school system. For 22 years our citizens have gone along a limited voucher program in that city. I know however that there are excellent public schools in places like Green Bay, Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Valders, and Reedsville. I believe the vast majority of public schools in the Badger State are very good. They are not failing. As a Wisconsin taxpayer I take much pride in that and resent your attack on our fine institutions. Forthelulz, what state are you located in? You said you'd get back to people who answered so I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin
    October 22, 2013

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