Should the government giver harsher punishments to businesses that hire workers who have entered the country unlawfully?

  • Hell to the Ya!

    You go after the head of the snake and the body wrapping around you dies....These scum anti american profiteering businesses that disregard american laws but are quick to want tax breaks amd constutional rights should be held accountable. The sheer fact they are not represents the wide spread corruption in our political system. I guess the head of this snake is actually the politicians that block these kind of laws at local/state/federal levels due to being paid off by lobbyist. This country makes me sick in this blantly corrupt day and age!

  • If there are drugs to sell they will come.

    Not all immigrants are bad but at least 30% of them come here to sell drugs and maybe even kidnap and rape. So I say yes there should be harsher punishments. And the companies who allow illegal immigrants to work should be punished. And thats why I think there should be harsher punishments.

  • Because it makes sense there people too

    We allow ex gang members to work and America is "free" so why shouldn't we allow people who want a better life it makes sense they just want a better life for there family. They deserve the same respect as others and a good life if they want it so as I see it they should be allowed here.

  • Win win win for the employer

    Businesses gain a great deal by employing illegal immigrants
    Makes them work very hard for very little money
    Constantly threatening And bullying .It's a very sad situation to witness and you feel so powerless because if you report them . The person being abused ends up with nothing . And gets replaced with another one Queueing to take his place and the employers know this .

  • Heck yes! Put them on a work farm!

    Criminals of all stripes are getting proverbial slaps on the wrists anymore. Particularly white collar types. Make a FIRST offense of knowingly employing criminals (illegal alien NOT undocumented immigrant you damned liberals) a year in a labor camp and at least a $10,000 fine per criminal employee. Second offense would be summary execution.

    Harsh punishment = no more criminals

  • As long as there is economic incentive to be here, they will come.

    The law now is that it is illegal to be an undocumented worker in the United States. People that break those laws are what we call illegal immigrants. We can round them up, put up a wall, etc, all we want, but as long as there is an economic incentive for them to be here, they will find a way to do so. The only way to effectively remove the incentive for them to be here is to remove the jobs they come here for. If businesses realize that the risk of hiring an undocumented immigrant is catastrophic damage to their business, then we will stop seeing it happen as much, reducing the incentive for illegal immigrants to come here and therefore reducing the size of the problem.

  • Companies who hire illegal immigrants, without punishment, are endorsing illegal immigrantion.

    Many illegal immigrants come to the U.S. looking for a better life, with a home and a job. When companies give illegal immigrants the jobs, they are encouraging the illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. If all the illegal immigrants received jobs in the U.S., more of them would want to come to the U.S. Then they would start taking jobs from the legal American citizens.

  • If it costs them more in penalties than the savings they won't hire undocumented workers in the future

    If a business is fined a minimum of $5000 for the first offense per undocumented worker, $10,000 for a second offense and 30 days in jail for the owner, the third offense would be $25,000 per undocumented work plus six months in prison and their business license revoked. If they are that stupid to continue to violate the law then they should be in business.

  • Yes, it is unenforced.

    Yes, the government should give harsher punishments to businesses that hire workers who have entered the country unlawfully, because preventing illegal immigrants from working lawfully is a good way to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Those who work illegally are more likely to stay in the country, and business should be held accountable for looking the other way.

  • Nudges not fences

    Illegal immigrants who come here for work are doing so because there is an incentive to do so. This invites the question as to how we might eliminate this incentive if we have a collective interest in stopping the influx of illegal immigrants. The surest way is not a wall or a guarded border, but to make sure employers in this country are hesitant to hire someone without proper documentation. If no one is willing to hire an undocumented worker then there would be no jobs to come here for unless one went through the proper channels of becoming a citizen first and then an employee. All employers should face stiff penalties for disregarding the law.

  • I don't believe companies who hire illegal immigrants should be punished.

    America is land of the free, how are we to uphold that when we are pushing out people in need of a better life? Also, illegal immigrants end up paying taxes and obeying the law anyways to avoid being sent back to their homeland. They have rights like we do and should be treated like other human beings not savages.

  • No, there are currently penalties in place that are supposed to deter businesses from hiring illegal immigrants that are currently not effective.

    Study after study has shown that increased or harsher punishment does not deter crime. Requiring businesses to pay higher fines or penalizing employers with jail time will only deter business in the United States, which is desperately needed. A more effective method of limiting illegal immigrants from being given jobs over Americans (if that is the concern) is to require all businesses to apply minimum wage laws to illegal employees. Allowing immigrants already in the country illegally to become legal citizens would also eliminate the need for harsher punishments on American businesses.

  • I oppose stricter punishments for businesses that hire illegal workers, because they are providing work for an individual who needs a job.

    With the ability to obtain a social security card on the black market for a fee, illegal workers are getting more cunning at finding ways around checks meant to stop the hiring or illegal workers. The blame should not be put entirely on the shoulders of the businesses that are hiring the able and ready workers. They are providing an income, albeit modest, to an individual who often has a family that they send a portion of their earnings. The businesses are providing a job to a job seeker at an agreed upon wage. The current punishments are sufficient.

    Posted by: MonserratC
  • No, I think that everyone who enters the United States has the right to employment.

    Although many individuals claim that immigrant workers are taking their jobs, the reality of the situation is that they are doing the jobs that most Americans do not want to do. Companies should not be punished for employing immigrant workers and giving them an opportunity in the U.S. but, instead, be charged when they don't pay them minimum wages and/or contribute to their gaining of citizenship.

    Posted by: MuteNeal88

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