• yes they should

    Yes, I think that their is a very big problem in this country with people doing all that they can to not pay all of the taxes that they should, so I think these types of people need to be tracked down and made to pay all that they owe.

  • The government should go after tax dodgers.

    The government should go after tax dodgers. Tax evasion is a serious crime and tax dodgers should be identified and prosecuted if they fail to pay their taxes. The government relies on taxes to fund public programs and to provide services such as national security. Tax dodgers put an unfair strain on honest citizens who consistently pay their taxes.

  • We All Have To Pay Them

    Sometimes people just make mistakes or are to ignorant to properly do their taxes right. I think government should be lenient with those types of people. The ones that are deliberately sending money overseas, or just not paying them, should be gone after. It is not right that the average person has to follow the rules, but certain people with a lot of money do not have to.

  • It is only fair.

    Yes, the government should go after tax dodgers, because it is only fair that they pay their taxes like everyone else. With the advent of computers and database internet searches, tax dodgers are easy enough to find. A great deal of them are politicians. They should pay like everyone else has to.

  • They break laws

    Yes, of course, the government should go after tax dodgers - the question is how hard and how focused they should be on specific people. Its probably easy for the government to find the little guy who made mistakes on their taxes, but, the focus should be made on the bigger dodgers.

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