Should the government have a say in what we eat?

Asked by: niquey2cute
  • Errrm... Yes and no, but we can compromise by banning harmful materials in food

    The government shouldn't be the ones telling us what to eat. That impedes our freedom of choice. However, obesity has been a growing problem in our country and only the government and us can stop it.

    The FDA can ban harmful additives and preservatives because even though a food may be "healthy", it could contain dangerous products. Low-fat potato chips contain Olestra, an oil substitute that inhibits our ability to absorb vitamins. The FDA should take the initiative to ban that, since Olestra is very harmful.

    The FDA has taken on a ban of trans fats, and I think that's a good approach.

  • The Government Should Not Have a Say in What We Eat

    No, the government should not have a say in what we eat as such decisions should be personal decisions. An able-minded adult has the right to say what s/he puts in to his/her body, as the right to do that is the right to one's body itself. The government has no right to take away the right to one's body.

  • The only argument

    For this is that if the country eats more junk food then we will all get bigger and it will look bad on the weight statistics per country. Who cares!? If there are more bigger people around then it makes the thinner ones feel a hell of a lot better!

  • Why should they care?

    Why would the government care what we eat. Is it effecting them? All they really care about is getting their tax dollars and keeping their country stable. I mean, is it really their place to tell me I can or can't eat this delicious super-terrific sandwich? Don't give me that obesity is ruining America crap. Obese or overweight people can be just as productive as a normal American citizen can be. If the government really wants to control what I eat. I'll gladly invite them over for a nice meal. And we can chat it over.

  • No they shouldn't

    The government's job isn't to handhold. First of all, the government should focus on protecting us from external threats and not forcing us to eat a certain way without understanding the eating patterns of each individual. Second of all, this distracts from serious issues. Third of all, it would affect the private industry at a very large scale for an unjustifiable reason, which the government has no business doing.

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Quan says2014-01-08T20:20:20.827
Of course not. If we continue down the path of implementing socialized medicine, however, being told what to eat will be the least of our worries.