• Yea they absolutely should

    If they did not control it maybe our kids would drop out and their would be no laws to say no to them. I believe that we should have more control over the choice to homeschool are kids or not but I Don't think we should go to the extreme of talking away all the restrictions

  • It needs standardization

    The government needs to control education so that standards and effective teaching is accomplished. This issue is best left to the state and local governments because they have the most intimate and best knowledge about the schools they are working with. The federal government tends to mess things up in schools, though.

  • Ensuring all of America gets the same education, the government should control that system.

    The federal government should have certain standards of ethics and practices set forth for the entire country. It currently achieves this through requirements for grants and funding mostly. States are allowed to run their own schools, and no federal funding or interference is really necessary. However, if the federal government offers a $40,000 annual grant to have a PE class mandatory for all high school students, there will likely be a PE class in high school.

  • Yes, I think the Government should have control over the nation's education system.

    I think the Government should be able to set standards and funding levels for the nations education system, I think allowing those to be set by individual school districts would bring about a very uneven education system with some parts being dramatically better then others and others being dramatically lower then others.

  • Yes, they fund it.

    Yes, the government should have control, to an extent, over the nation's educational system. There would be more equal funding and treatment for schools and it would be better for students. Public schools are already funded from taxes anyway, so the government should have some influence if they could do a good job.

  • The U.S. Government Should not be in Education.

    Education should be a provision of the states and different systems and opportunities should incentivize districts to be accountable to their local populations. Federal running of education tries to meet specific needs with broad measures which are wasteful and ineffective at best. States and districts however should be heavily involved in their local educations and push to find ways to improve standards and develop competent and able citizens.

  • There should be less control if any:

    Education and the government should not be intertwined in the way they are. For years, people have been insisting that more government intervention is necessary, and as the laws and other legislation stack up, things have only been getting worse. Recent examples of the government's harmful intervention that not only encroach upon our individual freedoms, but are also entirely ineffective. As a student still in school I can tell you that the new common core standards have only made things harder for everyone.

  • Government controlling our school system is just another way for them to take away our freedom.

    Think about it. The government controls the curriculum. The curriculum tells us that there is this specific way to do things that cannot be deviated from or you will fail. In school we're taught not to question what they tell us. We're basically taught to just go for what they tell us with out question. Never disagreeing. Think about it if this continues and this effect takes over completely what is there to stop them from taking away our freedom. For those who say they are protected by the Constitution, Think again. If we consent they can take those freedoms away, And if we go for everything thing they say with no question we would most likely consent.

  • If they control what we learn, They control what we think

    If the government can control what and how we learn, They can also control what and how we think. If they teach us that something is bad, Even if it is truly not, Our opinion of that thing will be that it is bad. If, However, They teach us that a policy is a good thing, We will grow up believing that this policy is good. It is similar to the Hitler Youth from WWII. It is called indoctrination.

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