• It’s actually obvious

    ISIS decapitation. Child pornography. Logan Paul’s suicide forest video. These things should not be on the internet, and the government should be able to enforce this. The argument that innocent things could be taken down is like saying we should cancel prisons because innocent people are arrested; it doesn’t make sense.

  • Yes they should.

    The government should help censor the internet. I think that is the best way to make sure that people do not have to see things they are not ready for and for people to be able to enjoy the internet at any age without fear of having to come across something bad.

  • No defintely not

    I definitely do not think that the government should help censor the internet. I do not think that the government should help censor anything. In America, we have, or should have, freedom of speech. It is part of what makes this country great. I think that it is important that the internet remain uncensored.

  • Freedom of speech

    The government should not censor the Internet, in fact, no entity should censor the Internet because all speech should be protected under law. It is unfortunate that things like images of grotesque violence and child porn are posted, but this is not something that should be censored so much as stopped at the source. Censorship is just another way of turning the other cheek.

  • Only with piracy

    I feel Internet piracy and illegal downloading of movies, software, etc. is an issue that is only going to continue to get worse and worse as times goes on. I do personally feel the Government needs to step in and try to limit this; however, not completely censor the Internet and take away freedom of speech as a whole.

  • Freedom of Speech

    No government should censor the Internet. It is one of the last bastions of a free exchange of ideas and the Internet is one way for people to educate themselves. The Internet is about the freedom to express and discuss whatever we want. No one should censor the Internet except in their own households.

  • No, No, and Never.

    The U.N. Has declared the internet as a basic human right. If they censor it it'd be like if they stood at street corners and smacked us when we we said something they didn't like. They have been trying to censor it, and ruined the place for everyone. Plus, multiple countries use the internet, so you'd take away their rights too.

  • The government should not be in the business of deciding acceptable speech.

    When we talk of "censorship" we are talking about freedom of speech, whether our point of reference is someone standing on a street corner, someone handing out pamphlets or someone publishing a web site.

    Freedom of speech frightens those in power, therefore governments are often hostile to this basic human right. Freedom of speech is one of the most powerful tools individuals have to counter the controlling hand of government.

    Free speech is at the core of what it means to be human. To be threatened against expressing certain thoughts or ideas by the government is to become a less than human subject of tyranny.

    Governments are often self-serving, and do not always do what is best for the governed. By allowing a government to decide what is and is not acceptable speech, a populace essentially surrenders one of its most powerful weapons against tyranny.

    Freedom of speech and the sharing of information has made it possible for humanity to flourish. Why would we relinquish such a tool to often arbitrary and self-serving governments?

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