• The government should help.

    The government should help because I have family members that live on the streets and they have mental disabilities. Some cant work for them selves and they need there medication to live. I truly believe that with some help they can get back up on there feet and start to work again.

  • Absolutely

    The government is for the people, not just those who have made the best decisions and made no mistakes. our country has enough resources that none of its citizens should be without a home. they may have made mistakes and may not be completely sane or have job skills, but they are human, and many simply need a helping hand or a second chance. It is the governments duty to help them.

  • The government should do more for the homeless.

    The true measure of a society is how it treats it's most vulnerable members. Therefore, the government should be doing much more than it is for the homeless population. It's absolutely shameful that in a country as wealthy as ours, we have citizens living on the streets. They need help and understanding, and they need it from their government.

  • They should support the homeless

    Everyone is human even the government the government is for the people. Without us there is no government. And shelters could be built for homeless and with our resources that would be simple and you dont have to pay many people support the homeless. We could save our fellow brothers and sisters we could build shelters all over the world build families save lives and for the greedy government thats more people paying taxes and paying bills! Just remember were all here for a reason prove that you could save lives please

  • Saves money to help them

    Saves taxpayers money to have the government help the homeless because of simple basic health needs. Homeless in the streets with medical conditions end up in the emergency room, and of course can't pay for the bills. After a homeless person leaves that hospital the government picks up the bill for them, and one night in the hospital is a month's rent for someone else. It's not just a humane thing to do, but it can save money for every taxpayer.

  • Not all are beggars

    I know many people that are considered homeless because they do not live in their own homes , but they work their buts off , sometimes they have jobs it just hard for them to afford a place to stay they should be helped . Its inhuman to leave people of our country to live on the streets. It is so cruel to them to just leave them and not even try not to help.

  • The government should help

    It is not anyone's choice to be in such terrible circumstances, it is a multitude of occurrences that are unique to each individual causing homelessness. An individual cannot get out of homelessness alone, thus they need supports. The government can help the homeless in many ways if services, intervention initiatives, and enough financial aide were allocated appropriately. Handing out money only puts a temporary band-aide on the issue of homelessness ,therefore government and communities must work together.

  • Many homeless because of lost jobs

    Todays economy, changing technology, and outsourcing has put many people out of work. Companies will not provide training as they once did and trying to find a job today is impossible, Whether you are recently out of school with a degree or a middle aged person with years of experience (as in my case), you will not find a job so quickly, if ever. The government is doing nothing to rectify this problem. So, without a steady income people are losing their homes and security. Not all homeless people are drunks or drug addicts. So, in my opinion, yes, the government should take responsibility for helping the homeless. Stop outsourcing jobs overseas, require companies to provide on-the-job training and give the companies incentives to hire people who have lost their jobsI have over 25 years experience as a legal secretary and am 61 years old. I have been unemployed for over 2 1/2 years and cannot find a job. I am close to losing my home and all I have worked for all those years. Believe me - it's no laughing matter and it's a terrifying experience. Until the government fixes this problem, they should take responsibility.

  • It's every Human beings right

    No one chooses to be homeless and no none wants to be homeless. Not only the government should help but also those so fortunate with high wealth should do so. What if 5 wealthy individuals put some money together and open a warehouse for the homeless with bedding and food, how much this would help,,, upon that they can train and help them get jobs to work for them, the loyalty from a homeless would be enormous because you have help them change there lives and given them something to live for. Society has failed these people for one reason or another why not society bring them back!

  • It it Important for the homeless to get helped!

    The homeless people did not choose to be homeless & ask for pity from the society. It is necessary & important for the government & community itself to help the homeless. We all should be put awareness towards the homeless so that they have the freedom & need to live too.

  • No the governement should not thelp the homeless.

    When one person thinks of homeless, the first image that usually comes to mind is that of the beggars walking around looking for charity. One must remember that these people generally refuse to hold down a job. Any actual disabled person, would qualify for disability, thereby gaining a steady income which could pay for rent. The truth is the homeless people like being homeless, they don't like working, and most all take that change you give to buy malt liquor. Even at my local homeless shelter where I have volunteered, they all sat outside the gates drinking, with no cares in the world. The government should not support these people's drinking habits with our tax money. Not to mention all homeless people already qualify for food stamps, emergency medicaid, and can get any life saving treatment at a hospital without ever paying the bill, they just need a 9.00 a month PO Box to get benefits. If they can't stop spending that money on beer even for just a few days, they don't deserve our support.

  • Less $ for the homeless = less homeless people

    There are so many so-called 'homeless' people to whom if support systems were taken; would suddenly become 'capable'. I have known of at least one such person. This individual laughed at the all of us who drag out of bed and head to work everyday. This person is in their early 30's and takes advantage of everything from welfare to his parents' basement. I lump social systems in with the homeless problem. If we chose not to spend our wealth to support those with their hands out - the vast majority of these leech-humans would suddenly and miraculously find themselves working out solutions for survival on their own. My 2 cents.

  • No, the government should not provide help to the homeless.

    The government should "promote the general welfare," not provide it. Government should be limited at every possible opportunity. A government which provides aid destroys the society it is built on by encouraging its citizens to simply think, "The government will take care of them, I don't need to worry about it."

  • Do not agree

    It is not the government responsibly to take care of people, they are not babies. The homeless have arms and legs that god gave them to work. They just don't want to overcome because they are just lazy. They once had a good life but the decided to take a different direction.

  • They suck up money

    Homeless people can work but they choose not to because if they could not work because of a disability they could get a disability check from the government. Most of them are drunks and drug addicts anyway so if you do give them money they will most likely go waste it on drugs or liquor.

  • People become dependent

    Too many programs make it easy for homeless and jobless to depend on the government. That way they don't have to go out on their own and find a job, so they will be relying on the government more. Help them find a job, Don't just feed them a fish.

  • We are spending too much money on them

    They spend money on the things they don't need, and when they do need something the government gives a lot of money, plus our national debt is already at 17 trillion dollars which is a lot of money,, for that to decrease is actually impossible. And for the government to spend that much money would not be a smart idea

  • Where would the government get the money from?

    We already give out money to the government because of taxes and etc. And the government wouldn't be so kind that oh I will just give out money. NO! We already have the IRS to give out money and the economic system is turning out to be getting worse and yet the government will give money to the homeless. Sweetheart if they did we will pay the money for the government to give it out. And then we/our family will become broke can't pay for our taxes for school, The water bill, And electric bill. Guess what there's more. THen if the government doe s help then they give out the money where would they get a job? Wouldnt they still are homeless right after that? What if they don't have any education. Wouldnt they all just go back to the government to ask for help again. PLUS wouldn't the government ask for something in return as for what they did? And even if they get like a job or something the government is going to charge them more than what they should usually get because the government is asking something in return. Supposedly there gratitude back as like a thanking you for giving me your money so the cycle can go on and on. You can see the future is not going to be like in a system where there is this tiny cycle of the homeless begging for money. If they do wouldn't they learn more by what is really happening with the real world? Example like Oprah Winfrey. It's all better if the government doesn't help the homeless.

  • Socialism is what we are talking about. Is that really what you want?

    No, The government should not provide help to the homeless.

    Absolutely love this comment! Brilliant and oh so true. A government which provides aid destroys the society by creating dependency and lack of personal initiative. Let's face it, There are dependent, Lazy people not willing to work for their well being, Even their children's well being. This is the way a society rots by overspending on well-meaning but toxic "bleeding heart" programs. This country was built on initiative. Let's see a LOT more of that!

    The government should "promote the general welfare, " not provide it. Government should be limited at every possible opportunity. A government which provides aid destroys the society it is built on by encouraging its citizens to simply think, "The government will take care of them, I don't need to worry about it. "

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