Should the government help when people can't pay their bills?

  • On the fence

    I'm unsure, the costs of living are getting higher and higher. Everyone should have an equal chance at life and at least have somewhere to sleep, something to eat and somewhere to shower. I don't think it is fair when people take advantage of assistance when they could be doing it on their own for example where i come from we give a lot of rights to Aboriginal peoples which is okay I agree our nation has done shady things in the past and for some they are still stuck in the past and need help but, there are A LOT of metis people's who clearly take advantage of this when they obviously don't need the help. Also unpredictable events sometimes happen lets say your wife/husband/child/sibling has gotten cancer and you need to help and now that you're paying to help your loved one you can't afford to pay the bills or maybe you've been working minimum wage your whole life paying bill by bill and now that you've retired you have to make the decision of whats more important pay the bills or to eat. I'm in favour of taxing the rich higher than everyone else because clearly they can afford it. What is $200 to a minimum wage worker is $0.01 to a rich persons, but this will never happen because unfortunatley our kind are selfish and it seems as though kindness and empathy are hard to come by.

  • Yes, it helps us all.

    It was wholly unfair for the banking industry to knowingly plunge the middle class and our entire nation into the depths that it did, and the people who suffered most because of it should receive help; so should those in similar situations. There should be guidelines, but the government has a responsibility to lift some up so that we all come up. It doesn't speak well of a civilized society to not help a truly needy and deserving family to not have food or heat.

  • People should own up and take responsibility!

    All my life, I have paid all my bills and today, it has made me a better, more responsible person. People need to budget and allocate enough money to cover their expenses. Just like a business, just like anything. I get tired of hearing about people declaring bankruptcy and asking for government assistance. This includes help on mortgages. These people entered into binding contracts and agreed to pay. There should be no going back on the promise of payment. This question, in fact, is absurd. It maddens me when I hear stuff like this.

  • No, the government should not help when people can't pay their bills.

    The reason I feel this way is because so many people on public assistance don't try to earn their own way anymore. They would rather collect a check from the government instead of trying to get a job. I do believe that sometimes help is warranted but their has to be a limit and conditions to that help.

  • The government should not help people pay bills.

    No, I don't think the government should help people pay bills. Instead, I think they should help educate them and make them become responsible. I know people have hard times, but they are responsible for their bills. I do, however, believe rent is too high, and utilities are too high. It is a shame we have to pay so much for something we get from nature. If you don't have running water or electricity, CPS can step in and take your children. Over a hundred years ago there was no running water or electricity. We lived on bathing in a creek, using the bathroom in an outhouse and using lanterns and fireplaces.

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