Should the government increase Social Security spending?

  • The government should increase social security spending.

    Because of the cost of living including medical costs the government should increase social security spending.By the time a person gets to retirement age they are more likely to have more medical expensesand therefore need more money in their everyday budget.tThis could easily be accomplished by increasing the monthly social security allotment.

  • The government should increase Social Security spending.

    Today's economy is very difficult for retired Americans, and they could benefit from bigger social security payments. Inflation is very high, and the cost of living is getting higher also. The government should spend more on social security both for seniors today, and to ensure that Americans in the future will have benefits.

  • Misuse of funds

    The social security funds money has been severely misused, And most young Americans will not receive anything from the system they are forced to pay into. This means that young Americans will only be losing money through a system that is supposed to help them. When the social security system can understand to use a locked box policy with the money, Then an increase in funding can be considered.

  • It's just unbelievable...

    Social Security is a pyramid scheme. It's a failed program! Do you really want to fund a failure??? Look; people pay into Social Security. When they retire the amount they paid is actually worth less due to inflation and normal cost of living increase. So they end up using 3 times as much as they paid into it. Who do you think pays the extra? The young people who are working now, obviously. Also, the government has been "borrowing" from Social Security for decades to pay for your other broken social programs. It's a bankrupt system. Think. Educate yourselves. Quit voting your conscience and selling out our country. Please.

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