Should the government institute a mandatory daily Bruh Moment?

Asked by: SansUndertale
  • Bruh monmtettt = funy aand good

    Brurh monmnet is funy hahahahah ha hah ahah ha hah h ha h hh h ha h ah ah h hh aha ha h ha haha ah aha ha ha h aha ha ha ha ha ha h aha ha ha haha h h ahaha haha ha h aha ha hahahaha haha ha plz do it dolan tumrpff hahaa hah ah aha ha h aha ha ha ha ha hha ha

  • Bruh moments have ruined my life

    On June 9th, 2001, My life was abruptly and harshly destroyed by a mere bruh moment occurrence. My now ex-wife Linda and her bitching personality destroyed our once happy family when, Driving down a dark road at midnight, I hit a man - who just happened to be my f***ing ex-wife's lover - with my car. (This is a certified bruh moment under title 16 U. S. C. § 153p) When we opened up the doors, The man instantly recognized my wife, Much to my confusion, And she hugged him and thanked god he was okay. Then the bitch's lover pointed at me and asked "who is this man? " and it suddenly became clear. MY DEVIL OF AN EX-WIFE WAS f***ing SOME LOW-LIFE HOMELESS PIECE OF TRASH. I couldn't speak to her after that experience, And divorced her on the spot. But that hag wasn't done with me. She was granted custody of the kids, And then convinced her new boyfriend to sue me for hitting him. I am now $100, 000+ in debt and can barely afford my apartment. I had to evade taxes for the past 3 years and I'm pretty sure the IRS is figuring it out. F**k YOU LINDA AND f**k BRUH MOMENTS

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