• Brainwashing should be banned

    We need to stop allowing oppressive to religions brainwash others. FLDS communities openly oppress women and intentionally keep people uneducated. This should not be tolerated in the United States. It is 2013, we need to move past the idiotic concept of religion--it holds us back as a society. It is time to progress not regress.

  • Freedom of religion is an individual right, not a collective right.

    Cults that isolate their children from the world are infringing upon the rights of the children, thus they are not protected by "freedom of religion". Freedom of religion is a composite of two freedoms: The freedom to not be forced into a religion, and then the freedom to freely exercise religion. The negative freedom of religion is necessary for the positive freedom, thus it is more basic and more important. The most important part of freedom of religion is freedom from religion.

  • Yes yes yes!

    I understand that the bill of right states freedom of religion but this is a case where we have to intervene. In the FLDS communities women are forced into marriage regardless if they have a choice or not. They often marry their father or cousins. Also there are very high cases of rape there too.
    Children in the FLDS community have small opportunities in their future and dont get an education. People in the FLDS cant even read! This is a definite case where the govornment should take control.

  • Yes we should be intervening

    When you have parents forcing their young girls into marriage it is rape/sexual abuse. No matter what the parents religious beliefs, we should not be allowing child abuse. As a country we know that child abuse is not aloud, and this is child abuse, so the answer is simple! Intervene for the sake of the children!

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