Should the government issue tuition waivers to private school students?

  • A waiver/voucher system would be a boon to students

    Issuing waivers and/or vouchers to students choosing to attend private school would have a hugely beneficial effect on all schools. The newly found ability of families who previously could not afford to choose to send their children to private school could now do so, putting a huge amount of pressure on existing public schools to improve.

  • I think in some cases the government could issue them

    While it seems like the government may want to strictly support public school options, I do think that they could provide waivers to some students who other wise would not so easily be able to attend a private school. I think that it could be used to some extent to help students.

  • Not As Long As The Public Is Paying

    Students who are supported by public funds should go to public schools.

    If the government is going to use taxpayer dollars to pay for education (as it presently does), then the students should have to go to schools which are held to the same public standards as every other school.

    Private schools should be paid for with private money.

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