• Yes, It's hardly harmful.

    I believe that drugs are positive here is why: Cannabis has been used for over 10,000 years and not one single death has EVER been recorded. It is not addictive and is actually far less addictive than caffeine. If legalized, far less more minors would be using Cannabis or weed would be sold in stores, valid ID must be given and the user must be at least 21 years of age. Marijuana is less harmful then any other drug. Like cigarettes, it messes with your lungs. I mean, marijuana would do a little damage, but not that much.

  • Marijuana Legalization Is A Societal Decision

    Personally, I think that marijuana would not hurt our communities if it was legalized. I feel it would actually be beneficial. I do not partake in utilizing the drug, so that is not why I feel that way. If marijuana was legal it would do positive things like give people jobs, be medically beneficial who need it, and bring much needed tax money to the communities. In spite of all the positive things I think it could provide, I also think it cannot divide the community because the majority of people do not agree it should be legal.

  • Government should legalize marijuana sales across the United States

    The governments should make the sale of marijuana legal in all 50 states. This way it can be regulated, and the product will be standardized. This will make it safer since it will not be laced with anything dangerous, such as PCP. The government will also be able to collect taxes on the sale.

  • Marijuana helps individuals

    Weed can be known as good and bad, and is disproved by a lot of people but in reality a lot of people like it and it helps people based on there medicine need, anxiety, personal problems, happiness, ect, I mean it is legal in 24 states already so it cannot hurt anyone.

  • States should decide

    I support the legalization of marijuana but at a state level. Each state should be able to choose whether or not it should be legalized based on the pros and cons of legalization in their state. The states should make sure that they have a way to know who is selling it and they should be required to have licenses to sell it.

  • Marijuana should not be legalized in all 50 states; but it should be decriminalized.

    While I do not believe that marijuana should ever be completely legal in the U.S., I do believe that it should be decriminalized. I do not believe that possession of any amount should be legal because I believe that that opens a door for mass drug dealing, while becomes a gateway for dealing harder drugs. I do believe that people should be able to personally care up to an eighth of an ounce of marjuana for their own use, and it should be purchased from government sources.

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