Should the government limit schools to one break per day?

Asked by: sc.24
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  • Please do not

    Children need time to socialise, exercise and refresh their brain. Children can not go for hours straight without having a break because their minds get overloaded with work!

    With having more than 1 break a day, children learn socialising strategies, which will help them a lot in their future.


  • That's Just supporting inactivity

    The youth (myself included) in this country are already "slothful" enough... Children in elementary school are already not getting out enough so you plan to take away an extra recess OF getting active and getting fresh air for what? More time "learning" pointless content? More time sitting in chairs all hopped up on sugar from the cafeteria while teaching them math??? I think that limiting recess from two per day to just one would only PROMOTE obesity rather than solve it.

  • My opinon .

    Limiting it to one break a day is pretty extreme, considering how short children's attention span is today, but I would argue that we need a better education program in this country. First and foremost I feel we should improve the quality to compete with other countries since we are dealing with a global economy, but other than that I feel we should have shorter seasonal breaks.

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