• Affordable Housing for Everyone

    I think the government should make sure that everyone has a safe and secure house. They don't have to make sure they pay for everyone and their houses but at the same time people should be prioritized in terms of who needs a house the quickest and then take it from there.

  • What about the homeless?

    Seriously what about the homeless and the poor? How are they supposed to buy the houses when in Auckland the houses are around
    1 million? The government needs to act as this is against our human rights. The houses need to be affordable so you can buy them even if you don't have the best job

  • Veil of Ignorance

    If put in the situation of needing to create a new society, it's impossible to determine the social structure of the inhabitants. Therefore, it can logically be inferred that said society would be made to be entirely equal, as a means to ensuring the highest position of the person or group of persons creating the society.

  • Not a legitimate government function

    Government agencies are grossly inefficient and can only operate programs by taking from those who produce. Better to offer incentives that encourage private sector housing development and streamlining regulations & fees that add 20-25% to costs. Also, no money for this: national debt is already over $135 Trillion on national gdp of only $21 Trillion.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the government should make affordable housing available to every citizen. To suggest this is to suggest the government enter the housing market and be the major buyer across the nation. I do not think this is appropriate because people actually have varying ideas on what is ideal for housing. We also have a lot of people that work in this field that would lose a job if the market was undercut in that way.

  • No the government is not responsible for the personal comfort of every citizen.

    It is not the responsibility of the local, state and federal government is to ensure that EVERY citizen is offered affordable housing. The determination of "affordable" is a one to be made by the person not the government. What government is responsible is to ensure that access to affordable housing is provided by the private sector. This can be accomplished by the use of grants, tax abatement and low-cost loans to developers of affordable housing.

  • Government Can't Make Affordable Housing Available to All

    If only it were possible to provide affordable housing to every citizen. It is not. I think it's good that government subsidized housing exists but the government simply can't do it all. It's too big a burden. Charities like Habitat for Humanity and churches provide a great service. Even cheap hotels in skid row districts provide a service.

  • What about the rich?

    Why should the government of United States of America make housing affordable to every citizen here in United States of America? For example people like the super rich. Why in the world would the government give housing affordable to them? To me this would be quite a waste of time as well as money.

  • Charities should do that.

    No, the government should not make affordable housing available to every citizen, because the government would not be able to do so very efficiently. There are always waiting lists for government housing, which means that the people who need the housing the most never seem to get it. Private charities would do the best.

  • Bad infomation so

    I hate this web page and it is garbage and it should have more details people we could have more thing so we could do more thing then we used to so we so we do this more info so we could do and affoble housing t get mor thing

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