Should the government make cuts to school sports?

  • I think too much money is spent on sports.

    Everyone where I live seems to be obsessed with sports. They think that money should be put In sports to help the athletes win sports scholarships. Sports alone will not give you scholarships! Instead of putting so much money in sports, more money should be put in things like more teachers and giving teachers raises. The three high schools in my area don’t even offer physics. Spend some money on a physics teacher and cut back on the sports‘ budget. I still believe some money should go to sports, because for a lot of people they are extremely important I just wish they would cut back soon and spend the money on more needed things, such as hiring physic teachers.

  • Sports should be cut from schools!

    While there are some great values and benefits that can be obtained from participating in sports; these values and benefits are lost on a majority of middle school and high school coaches. Sports take away from academics and the family. The schools don't seem to have their priorities straight and put too much emphasis on sports. Not all students get to participate because they aren't favorites or teachers kids etc. Practice is sometimes before school and after school and if students can't make both practices they are put in their place by not getting to play. There's not a lot of time for family or school work. Coaches don't treat players fairly or chose players fairly when it comes to playing time. Schools put more funding and support in sports and not so much support, for band/orchestra, speech, drama, academic teams etc. There are some great coaches and PE teachers but they are very far and few between. The government should just cut team sports from schools and make PE and Health curriculums more accountable. PE should have a more well-rounded curriculum that will help students make better nutrition and personal physical fitness decisions even and especially if they don't have much parental support.

  • Sports make some kids feel sad about their bodies!

    I think sports make kids feel sad. Maybe an over weight person can't do very well in sports. If that is the case, it might lead the them thinking they are too obese. Maybe some kids are skinny and average height; they might not be good at sports. I'm not saying that the kids that aren't good at sports aren't good at sports because of their body; I am saying that most kids will guess it is because of their body type.

  • Yes, They Should

    We live in an age where everyone has to chip in so that we can hope to fiscally survive as a country. There is no logical reason why school sports should be exempt from the belt tightening that is going on across the United States every day. I'm sure the kids won't like it though.

  • It cuts everything else

    The fact is the the government cuts things from all the arts, be it painting, acting, drawing, you name it, but sports are always the ones that receive the least amount of cuts which seems totally unfair. Why should physical activity be anything more important than creativity? It is not clearly.

  • Yes School is for Education

    To be clear I believe that the government should fund gym class but any extra curricular sports should be funded by the parents or fund raisers. Government money is supposed to be for education and it is not fair to children with other interests that so much of the funding goes toward sports.

  • Sports should not be cut

    Sports help kids with health and fitness. With One study showing that sports can prevent chronic diseases. Sports help kids maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Sports help kids in real life too. Another study shows that sports help kids have way better teamwork, friendship, dedication, and better decisions too.

  • School sports benefit a child's body, and their academic achievement.

    Sports provide social benefits and it helps a child in obesity prevention. Also due to sport achievement, studies have shown that students will do better in school, and endorphin's released can help a student be calm and happy. If sports are cut from school, then students won't get any of these helping things.

  • School Sports is Education

    School sports bring the community together for social interaction and provide students the opportunity to learn how to work together in unison to accomplish goals. It is unfair that music and arts classes get cut but that was not the original question. In regards to the bigger picture, the world is connected through sport. Olympics, World Cup, etc. When a nation is competing in the world cup all disagreements and animosity is put aside and nations become united. Sport is the only thing that creates this unison. We are no longer Republicans or Democrats when it comes to the USA in International competition. United we stand.

  • School Sports Support an Active Lifestyle

    If anything, the government should increase funding to school sports. With our increasingly sedentary and solitary lifestyle, school sports serve as both much-needed physical activity and much-needed social interaction. It enables children to begin to understand how to exist as a community working towards a goal. They will become much more well adjusted in the end

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Anonymous says2013-06-23T11:17:18.640
I believe education should be a local issue. The department of education wouldn't do squat for all cities, so they don't know what to spend on. In fact, politicians think they're the pros for doing this. Pfft... Like hell, brah.