Should the government make Hilary Clinton's emails open to the public?

  • Yes b b

    Because we could see all the rude things shes talking about other peoples s ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

  • Yes, those emails belong to the public

    The government is not some entity separate from the people. The goverment IS the people. It represents the people and their interests. Anything the government does is on behalf of the people and as such the people have a right to full access to all government activity. Contents of her email which are classified should not be made public, but even those should be subject to oversight by the legislative or judicial branches.

  • Wish there was a "hell no" option

    I've seen Classified information mishandled by good, well-intentioned people. Many times the information required official review before release but it is very easy to assume that because you saw an article in Defense Weekly or watched news coverage on ISIS, that the information you are handling can be treated the same way. I've seen hard-drives wiped after the fact and people reprimanded because they sent emails they didn't think were classified. Huge flaw in the argument: "She didn't think they were classified" > "But they are" > "Well she didn't think so, so they should be released." I have more issue with Hillary requesting that the public see them than her likely inadvertent mishandling of classified material. One could be an honest mistake, but insisting to show classified material to prove your mistake was honest - well that's stupid.

  • I Thought They Were Classified.

    If Hilary Clinton's emails were actually confidential state secrets then why would the government expose them more, leaving themselves open for an attack on all sides. I'm not big on Hilary but the whole email thing seems like a witch hunt. There might have been some confidential emails somewhere in her stuff but it is not the public's right to see them.

  • It may be classified

    There could well be classified information in there, or information that the average American just doesn't need to know. If it is her personal email we have no business knowing those things either. No one's privacy should be invaded, or the country put at risk, for a political witch hunt.

  • Government puts brakes on Hillary Clinton's e-mails

    The government should not make Hillary Clinton's e-mails open to the public. The fight already has taken on a sharp partisan tone. Making her e-mails available to the public will further inflame the battle. Furthermore, these have been judged to contain classified material, which is not available to the public if it is on any sever.

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