• Human sacrifice anyone!

    The people definitely need to have some control over religious organizations. The question is - how much? We Americans don’t hold too kindly to human sacrifice even if someone willingly agreed to be the lamb. The same would apply to strong drug use or to abusive treatment. The question again - what is abusive? As society learns more about humanity there most definitely must be amended rules about how religion operates.

  • Yes, Rule #1 -Everybody can be baptized and confirm without having to consume the lord supper there afterwards!

    I am deeply worried about my Christianity status, but i am not willing to take the risk to consume the bread of Jesus every week to remind him because the bread might be poisonous and detrimental to my health. What if they are poison by a crazy pastor? I am open to bring my own bread and wine but my church is rebellious and aggressive to my suggestion. I am truly sadden by how religion works these day. I hope the government can look into it before the next massacre occurs!

  • A thousand times "no."

    Our country was founded on religious freedom, and from not being told what to think or believe, so the government, therefore, has no business making rules about religion, unless it is to stay away from the topic, which is already provided for in our hard-fought constitution. The government should stay leagues away from religion, in every regard.

  • The First Amendment.

    It not only gives freedom of speech but also freedom of religion. Am I saying that they should take away the separation of church and state? No way. They should enforce it. The First Amendment basically says that no law can be made against a religion or for it. Problem is, many clergy who benefit from tax free status also hire lobbyists and some even have law schools that specialize in religious causes. Sounds to me like they are throwing their hat into the political arena thereby breaking the separation of church and state. Though this could be cause for imprisonment, I thing a more peaceful way would be to give them a choice. The either dissolve any link they have to politics and pay a huge fine, or declare they where not a religion in the time they where political and not only loose any further tax exempt status but also pay back taxes on all things related to their political involvement.

  • No they shouldn't

    Doing so would prohibit free speech and free thought. If the government can tell some people what they can and cannot think, then what will stop them from regulating what everyone says and thinkgs? What will stop them from simply outlawing religion? The government is not here to tell us what to do. That's part of what helped start this country in the first place: religious persecution.

  • No because of the separation of church and state.

    This is the real meaning of "Separation of Church and State." It is to keep government out of religion, not religion out of government. That is the most common misconception and people need to be educated on the matter before they go off and run their mouths acting like they know it all.

  • The Constitution of the United States provides for the separation of church and state, so the government should not make rules about religion.

    Since the Constitution of the United States provides for the freedom of religion and the separation of government and church; neither federal, state or local governments have any compelling interests in making rules (laws) about a person's religious choices. Organized religion should be free of government intervention into the policies and operation of the religion.

  • Two separate identities.

    The government needs to keep out of religion. I live in the United States, where our country was founded on the notion that government and religion be kept separate. Over the years this line has become blurred. The government has no right to make any rules in regards to religion and religious practices.

  • No, they should not

    No, governments should absolutely stay away from making any sort of rules regarding religion. Government and religion should not exist in the same ideological sense in any way, shape or form. The two should be entirely separate from each other. Religions need to sort out their own issues independent of the government.

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