• Countries who score above the US on the international education ranking scale have shorter school days than the US.

    Finland has consistently scored in the top two on the international education ranking table for many years and they have far shorter school days that the United States. The US is ranked number 14. Here in Australia we have shorter school days than the US and we rank number 6.

    Children have undeveloped attention spans; spending more time in school does not mean better learning

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  • School= 2 hours long.

    Less school days and hours. I am TIRED of school. All they do is talk about boring stuff. I could really use the other 4 hours of school to do my own stuff. I don't get enough sleep and I am starting to develop health issues. I don't even have time to do my HOMEWORK. School needs to be shorter.

  • Shorter school hours!

    Shorter school hours would be so much better. I'm always in such a rush to catch the bus in the morning and getting to ballet class in the after noon. I don't even have enough time to do my homework. I have to do it in the car on the way to ballet class or piano class. I wish that school could just be like 2 hours long. I get exhausted every day because school is so long.

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  • I think they should make them shorter

    Kids stay at school for 7 and a half hours wake up an hour or more early which is around 6 or even 530am there is no time for a life outside of school if you have anything any homework its about an hour or more to do for one class so think about it around 6 classes 6 hours or more for homework thats not including projects or things like study island you have no social life at all now think of it as the child has to be inside from playing with friends at 9 school starts at 7 you wake up an hour early thats at 6am so you got to school done all your work a full day get off of school at 3 thats 9 hours plus 6 classes worth of homework so an hour each 3 plus 6 is 9pm that child had no social life that day no time with friends or even family all doing work just to keep their teachers happy

  • Bulling in schools

    Bulling is the biggest problem in the school's and getting bigger.
    In the school system.Kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kid kids.

  • No, school days shouldn't be shortened.

    Some experts in the United States are actually suggesting longer school days, stating that much of the time spent at school is not devoted to studying and learning. Japan, for example, has longer school days, and their students outperform American students. While I don't necessarily think the school days should be extended, shortening them would put American students at even more of a disadvantage compared to other countries, because it would mean even less time in the classroom.

  • I don't agree with the statment that kids should have shorter school days

    When you go to school it is for a reason and if you only go to school for ...Maybe 4 or 5 hours it is not worth it . I think that school days should actually be extended because it will give children/kids a better chance at getting a job or at getting into college. Also you will probably make one of the best friends of your life...You never know ! It also will give parents a break from having to be home so early which leads to the adults not finishing the work that needs to be done which leads to being laid off and then getting fired and if your a single parent you wouldn't want that to happen ...Would you ? That's my opinion on having shorter school days ,I think they NEED to be longer for the kids/children's sake and the adults/parents!.

  • Current hours are optimal.

    School days should not be made shorter. They are at the optimal amount of time for conducive learning. If the amount of hours are reduced, then the amount of homework children are given will increase. I really do not see the point in shortening one while increasing the other. Also, school hours allow children time to receive any help they need on things they do not understand. If you take this away from them, then it will hinder their education.

  • I say no

    I don't think that we can really hope to gain anything by making the school days shorter and allowing the kids of this nation to have more free time to themselves. They can learn so very much in school and should be at that place as much as they possibly can.

  • Developing nations have longer school days and longer school years, And you plan on making yours shorter?

    American is already falling far behind developing nations in terms of education. In China for example, Kids go to school for six days a week, With under a month of holidays per year. School starts at 7am, Lunch break at 12pm-2pm and then school resumes until 6pm. Then dinner break until 8pm. Then there will be tuitions until 10pm or 11pm or even 12am! And there will be tons of homework on TOP of 11-13 hours of school, Per DAY, SIX days a week. . . ! Add the discipline levels of Chinese kids who do homework during lunch and dinner breaks instead of having meals. . . Education wise, A 12-year-old Chinese kid looks like a 40-year-old American full-grown adult. Japan and India also send their kids to school six days a week, And longer school hours per than than in America. School is for education and education only, Not food, Sports, Drama or anything else. No wonder China and India are zooming past America in terms of economy.

  • I think they should make it longer.

    Kids should spend more time in school because it can teach them to be more independent, they are not necessarily have to just study in a class. Make more interactive activities with the classmates and at the same time still learning.. Make the time they spent in school more enjoyable...

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