• I think the government should mandate green energy to teach the common wealth how to behave in the world.

    The government should mandate green energy. Lots of people either hate or endorse the government. If they set a good example and mandate green energy, more people would like them perhaps. Not to mention, the obvious betterment of the environment. However, this may be harder for low income families. Since the government can do virtually anything, prices for green equipment could be lowered.

  • Yes

    I agree that green energy is the way to go. Although it is very expensive, it would be worth it in the long run. Once the device that is being used to generate the green energy is paid off, the energy will be much more cheaper. Furthermore, green energy is also very good for the environment. It is a win-win.

  • Yes, green energy is the answer to climate change.

    We are having a lot of serious weather problems related to climate change. There is way too much pollution in this country and around the world. Green energy that is clean and not very harmful to the environment will help reduce carbon that is in the atmosphere and make things less polluted.

  • No, it is too costly.

    It is too costly. I can't use solar panels because I can't afford the upfront cost. I think this should be something the government deals with. They should have solar farms because we can't. This is my personal opinion and if I had the money I would go for it.

  • Not unless they're going to help pay for it.

    While green energy is a wonderful thing, it's also very expensive. For the average sized household to go to solar energy, there is an outlay of about forty thousand dollars. Most people do not have that sort of money just hanging around, and they should not be forced to take on additional debt to go green.

  • They should mandate cheaper energy

    I really disagree with this. The government should mandate cheaper energy not green energy. The term "Green Energy" really is just another way for the oil companies to make more of the american tax payer dollars. If you look at what "Green Energies" offer, it's all mixed with fossil fuels. Now why is that? Because its the American oil companies making the "Acceptable" green fuels.

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