Should the government mandate laptops for students in public schools?

Asked by: Hype
  • Textbook info can be outdated!

    Textbooks from 1960 have some incorrect info such as the food triangle myths in then 1990s and the myth that all oils are bad for you. If laptops are used, They could eliminate this from happening because it can be updated but if you want to update a text book you can not because you use a pencil or pen BUT you might not be allowed write to write in it!

  • Yes, Most definitely!

    All students should have access to laptops in schools regardless of being in public or private school. They are all students, No group should have better than the other. It is the government's duty to see to that. This is not even supposed to be a question. I mean. . . . . Obviously!

  • Technology = easy

    I think this is a good idea. No more computers that find it impossible to connect to WiFi. No more broken keys, Keys that don't work and of course the having to share with someone. This time it's technology. Used in a good manner. Not bad and it's time we all gave it a chance. Not just those who now daily use it

  • Technology won't fix a broken system

    As much as I love technology (hell, I bring my personal laptop to school everyday), It's not going to help students succeed. I know this firsthand, Being in school just as we started to do tests and the like on laptops. This did not change anything whatsoever. The government have been using the solution of "throw more money at it" for the broken school system since the seventies, Tripling the amount they spend on it (accounting for inflation), And test scores have not changed. We don't need better technology. It's not the way we are teaching children, It's what we're teaching them. The way we teach children math is constantly getting more and more convoluted. It should be the exact opposite. We are filling their minds with unnecessarily difficult methods for solving math problems despite there being methods that are obviously easier. Not to mention, Math should not even be a required subject. If we were to allow students to, Starting at a certain age, Choose what they learn rather than being forced to learn what we teach them, Not only would overall intelligence increase, But interest in school and subjects that we would normally have to force students to learn would increase. We have a shortage of scientists and mathematicians purely because we are forcing these subjects down student's throats, Making them lose interest in them. Having a computer won't increase test scores or intelligence or interest. All we'll have is students slacking off and playing flash games due to their loss of interest in these subjects that are being forced down their throats. Try fixing the school system first, THEN we can start giving them technology to make things easier on them.

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