Should the government monitor and control our use of internet, like in China?

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  • I thought we were free

    The government should not tell us what we can and can't search on the internet. What cause would they have to do this and what benefit would it produce?

    It's called freedom we are supposed to have it. The people should control the government not the other way around, period.

  • Protect our liberties

    The U.S. Government is here to protect our liberties and freedoms, not control them. The only time people should be monitored is if they are criminals; it's just simple Constitutional rights: Unreasonable search and seizure. People want their privacy, I don't see what the big problem is with having a little privacy. We shouldn't be watched like hawks; it's America.

  • Freedom is good.

    The cost of government monitoring and control is almost always worse than the results of unregulated use.

    I think there is a place for citizens to lose this freedom if they commit a felony.

    There is probably a place for monitoring cross border traffic, but there are technical issues.

    If the government provided internet or somethink like it they would have both the means and the right to monitor their product.

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