Should the government monitor and limit children's screen time?

Asked by: WeavingBird1917
  • Don't fall into the trap of electronic devices!

    With the new technologies being invented in the 21st century, games are extremely addictive and dangerous to your child if he/she gets hooked on it. Social media can also be a danger, considering the number of sexual predators that are on the internet today. The government should track and limit all screen times for the well being of the child. This can be done by making it a legal requirement to get a software that tracks a child screen activity. Once a limit is reached, the child will not be able to use the particular category (such as games) until the next day.

    The results of games on children can be devastating. Children are not mature enough to handle their game time. Once a child is addicted, even the strictest parent is overpowered. Games create a hyper reality, causing the outside world to be appear dull and boring. This causes the child to neglect outside activities such as sports, music, art and studies and instead focus on getting satisfaction from a game.

    The more a child is addicted, the more self-control and discipline is lost. Games today are extremely addicting and can be too violent, causing even the sweetest children to rebel against their parents. Some people might say that is okay as long as it is limited by parents. The problem is, since games are so addicting, most parents don't even have control over their kids!

    Another problem is social media. Often, inexperienced children will friend unknown people on social media. Or even worst, they might think they befriended someone they know in real life, but it might be a pedophile.

    With the internet being monitored and game time limited, children won't get sucked into electronic devices and neglect reality. Remember, it's children you're talking about - they are unaware of their actions and can sometimes lack discipline, which makes them easily hooked.

  • Yeah for sure

    I think children are hiding something, if we monitor them then i can feel safe at night
    i often believe that children will lead us to hell by dismantling our amazing government
    stupid capitalist children, bring back the death penalty and deport them all
    why dont we just get rid of the internet overall

  • Privacy invasion, I feel threatened.

    To put into a child's perspective, I would feel anger, frustration and just feel generally disrespected as a child. It's privacy invasion, why should the government limit kids screen time? It's the parents call, not the government's. The government shall not limit my future kids.

    A good example of this is teenagers. Teenagers would feel threatened by the fact because they have been born into such a restrictive country that your own government limits your screen time. Age validation simply won't work, either. So you'll have teens impersonating adults and kids getting limited. What's the point? I thought it was the parents job, not a high authoritative figure, like, THE GOVERNMENT to limit screen time, which is unpredictable. So parents could and would have to give them their own phone and make it awkward, like they always do because you'll have certain devices on and off about the screen time. I only find it, especially as a teenager, with a functioning brain and free will, able to come up with my own thoughts and feelings, threatening to be categorised and then have my devices limited by the government, all because out country would like to be viewed as the "safest country to be online!!!" in.

    I personally if I saw that as a motto wouldn't want to go there. It's like a paranoid adult bubble wrapping their house.

  • It is impossible to measure and enforce.

    Ignoring the obvious moral implications it is simply impossible! You cannot measure screen time. You cannot measure how long a child is looking at a screen. Unless you have a camera following the child 24/7 you do not know what they are looking at.
    Even if you would somehow be able to detect that a child is looking at a screen 'too long' how would you stop the child from looking? Glue their eyes shut? Disable access to the electronic device for everyone? All electronic devices would have to be redesigned with a build in remote kill switch controlled by a government agent.
    Responsible parents make reasonable rules for their children to limit their screen time and/or use apps that restrict time or block certain sites.

  • No point of it.

    Its none of their buisness. It's the parents decision of how long they can stay on the computer. It is also invading privacy as lil_xandy said. It is completely up to the parents or guardians of the child. The goverment should have absoloutly nothing to do with kids computer time.

  • Its the responsibility of the parents.

    Its true, I don't believe in too much computer time... But that's the parents problem, not the government. Sure it affects the population of obesity, and America it self, but if America wants to change that, its there choice!

    The government has certain amount of power, but making this decision is way over board! Isn't that ruining the idea of a "free country?"

  • This is a responsibility for the parents

    Parents know their kids better. Parents can make these rules according to a child's individual needs. If a child wastes time playing games all the time that child needs more limits. If a child spends most of their time using the internet to learn, study, and prepare for the future that child should be given freer rein. The government is not capable of keeping track of that stuff. Parents are.

  • The government should not look at what people do on the Internet

    If the government can see what we do on the web, it would lead to a lot of privacy issues! And it would become worse as well, because the parents can just view on what their child does when they are on the web! So this is why the government should not monitor what people do on the web

  • That should be up to the parents!

    No, that is just creepy, look, we already have people spewing about eating healthy all of the time when we know how to choose for ourselves, we don't need people choosing how much internet our children use. I was homeschooled, so later on when the internet became better, a lot of our schooling was online. The internet is not all bad. I am all for children playing outdoors, and using their imaginations, but the parents should choose what the child is allowed to do for how long.

  • They absolutely should not

    I am going to say this now. I play video games and extremely enjoy them. Most games are not bad and are educational, artistic and just plain fun. Games like cod are majorly representing games, which it shouldn't be. But this isn't about violence, this is about how long. Parents need to take more responsibility. It is the parents job, not the government. It's like saying the government should only let people buy a certain amount of sugar. People need to be responsible. But I have to say one thing. Video games are not bad. I have a broad interest of different things, such as parkour, EDM, the sciences and technology, because of video games. Video games are a relaxing way to chill after a hard day or just a way to hang with my friends. In saying that, children need a balance of not just staying on the computer all day, but that is a parents job, not the government.

  • Absolutely No Way

    Government needs to get out of our private lives and allow the parents to do the parenting. Government should only be focused on economic policies, ensuring that our army is well prepared, our borders well secured, establish good foreign relations, and maintain our transportation infrastructure. We don't need the government to be our daddy or mommy.

  • No, It is invading privacy

    If the government would monitor the adults screen time how would the adults feel. The government should not have to worry about the kids they should worry about all of the people that are on the Internet hacking into all of the other people crap. Although some of them are kids, but what about all of the kids that are good and do not know about all of this stuff but they become curious and do it once, they would problem end up going to jail or some crap.

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