• Yes, the government should monitor emails.

    People who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. The government should be able to look out for acts of terrorism and acts of violence. They should be able to do whatever they need to catch and arrest criminals. I am more than happy to let the government look through my emails if they can catch some criminals in the process.

  • No the government should not monitor emails.

    The government should not be monitoring emails because as stated before emails are private property. If we let the government continue to do so what would come next? Strip searches without any sort of probable cause? Or even property searches without warrants? If we let them continue to have access to private property without due process we will undermine the concept of freedom. B

  • No, they shouldn't.

    It is a violation of our privacy to have the government monitoring our email. Most of us are law abiding and don't do anything to warrant having our privacy taken from us. Terrorists will find other ways to communicate if they realize that email is no longer a safe place for them.

  • No, the government should not monitor emails

    Without a federal warrant or some kind of due process the government should not monitor civilian emails. Those are private property. With electronic communication being more common place the government should treat emails and other electronic correspondence like any other personal property and give it the same treatment as anything else under the constitution.

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