• What are you hiding?

    The government can look at whatever they want! Think about how many terrorist attacks can be stopped. Are you a terrorist? Then what are you hiding?! If you want something to be private, don't put it on the internet! Once something is on the internet, it never goes away. They are not looking to see what your plans are for Saturday, then are searching for key words and anything that looks suspicious to keep our country safe!

  • Looking into illegal things.

    I really doubt the government cares about what we buy, what we post on Facebook, or our credit card number. Government should be able to see if illegal things are being uploaded or watched on the Internet. These days, heinous things are all over the web. If we don't watch these videos, then we have nothing to worry about.

  • Protect and Serve

    The government needs to monitor the Internet just as they need to set speed limits on the public roadways. Without some monitoring and regulation, the population would run amok and be a threat to each other. There is plenty of sick and twisted content out there already and someone needs to protect our youth from being victims to predators (sexual and otherwise).

  • Yes, in certain situations.

    They should be able to monitor the internet, as a lot of crimes happen on the internet. That includes a lot of bad things. They could stop a impending danger by finding something suspicious on facebook. The government should have the freedom to monitor the internet in an efficient way, I believe.

  • Yes, the government should monitor the internet

    The government should monitor the internet because it is important for maintaining the national security. People in the country may use internet to communicate in dangerous activity like terrorism. Although it should monitor the internet, it should not censor the internet like some countries do. That way, it maintains the freedom of speech without hurting the security of the nation.

  • Why do you care

    Why would you care that much, its not like their posting this information on the internet. The government doesn't really care what you'er texting to your best friend. Its really not a big deal unless you have something to hide, the fact is that its not a very big deal what the government looks at.

  • To protect children

    Small children could accidentally tell strangers personal information and people could take advantage and horas or maleste small children. It would make sure no one is looking up when the next terrorist attack will be or who wants to become a terrorist. The government should monitor Americas computers for safety

  • Everything in MODERATION

    We can't let the Internet become an archaic place where companies and wrongdoers are out to do as they please, but we have to respect a certain level of citizens' privacy as well. The problem is finding a common ground or a good middle point where data can be monitored without privacy intrusion. That's where people are okay with catching the bad guys but not really okay being monitored. "Not in my backyard" kind of thing.

  • Best of luck to them.

    As a generalization, your privacy level on the internet is lower than on a regular phone line.

    In theory they're supposed to get a court order before collecting information on an individual's internet use and reading their emails, but if you believe they always do this, you probably also believe in Father Christmas and tooth fairies.

    I quite like the idea of the intelligence services intercepting the communications of terrorists and organized criminals. And if they want to snoop my emails occasionally, I'll live with that.

  • Characters and privacy

    I feel that the government should only monitor what goes on the internet if they feel a specific person is doing something illegal. In that case I am fully and completely O.K. with the government monitoring the internet. I feel the privacy boarder is okay to be crossed to keep you and your loved ones and other people safe.

  • Uhh has anyone heard of the fourth amendment

    Government watching us is a violation of privacy and is unfair to the general public. I don't have anything to hide, but I still don't like the idea that at this given moment any random person could be stalking me. That's not fair to me, or anyone in this country

  • This Is Not Right

    Im a young man and im worried that when I go on my computer that the government might try to lock the computer down they did it once to me and I don't think that this is right. Maybe if I want to get on my computer that I paid for I should be able to watch a little porn here and there and it no like im watching child porn that what im not doing now or in a million years that's just what I think.

  • Pointless, privacy, damn them

    Simply put, the government wants to control 1s and 0s. They want power over things that arent tangible. They are blocking torrent sites instead of addressing the real problem. They need to stop people charging gay amounts of money for something that isnt worth it. I mean i have to pay £1.40 for petrol. Sort out the right shit you stupid goverment twats

  • Nothing is private!

    The government simply should not monitor what we do! Clearly nothing is private any more and that has to change! It'd be okay if there was a terrorist threat but there has been so little threat since 9/11 that, not only is it stupid it's a waste of money on something that vaguely exists!

  • If guns aren't monitored, why should the internet.

    These days we're always asked to weigh in between safety and freedom. Based on the recent gun debate, the public (majority) has decided to take the risk of having unrecorded gun transactions and military style weapons on the street over the benefits of regulation.

    If we use this as a benchmark, why should we allow the government to invade our privacy by monitoring our internet activity. After all, these activities happens on the internet. Last time I checked, you can't physically be in the internet. Hence, you can't get physically harmed by internet activities. Back in the days when the internet didn't exist, the authorities prevented and solved crimes based on physical world evidence or leads. Lastly, authorities are not required to provide a subpoena to get a hold of your ip logs.

  • Nah. Nah. Nah

    Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah.

  • Why is this even a question!?

    The U. S. A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T ACT ( Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ) of 2001 was created by George W. Bush! Does anything more need to be said? Bush did 9 / 11 . . . . . . . . .

  • I don't believe they should

    Okay so i feel like if the government watched what we did than they would know that I like to watch old lady bends goat over table and thrusts it in. Also they would know what other kinky people watch. I just feel like gay marriage should be illegal thats why i love hamburgers and hate hotdogs

  • Shi shi shi

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  • Are you crazy?

    I think that would be nuts because some people would want some privacy and would not want to be stalked. I mean who has something to hide if you do shame on you . But others use it for education and for fun. I think that is a bad idea.

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