Should the government of Afghanistan and NATO countries negotiate a power-sharing deal with the Taliban?

  • Taliban is not going anywhere

    The Taliban is not going anywhere in Afghanistan and even if forces are able to kick them out, as soon as those forces leave the Taliban just comes right back. They should negotiate with the Taliban and that would result in a better deal for the Afghanistan people who are now in turmoil.

  • They are terrorists

    In Afghanistan, the Taliban and al Qaeda are completely linked - supporting one is almost providing support for the other. While the Taliban might be able to show a few moderates, they are a hardcore religious organization that want to and have imposed harsh religious law over the entirety of Afghanistan .

  • Really misguided idea

    Trying to work anything out with the Taliban gives validation to their spineless tactics. I am a person that favors negotiation over violence in virtually every situation, but this is not one that mandates it. About the only way we could get Afghanistan to be an even bigger mess than it is already is to acknowledge these chumps.

  • Taliban Should be Eliminated, Not Negotiated

    The Taliban is an evil organization that suppresses freedom, kills women and children and lives in the Dark Ages from desert Islam's founding in 632. The Taliban should be eliminated through education, integration and repatriation. Negotiation with an oppressive regime is not an option, otherwise it invites even more terrorist groups to set up camp in Afghanistan.

  • No, the Taliban cannot be trusted.

    No, the government of Afghanistan and NATO countries should not negotiate a power-sharing deal with the Taliban, because that would only make their terrorist activities legitimate. The Taliban is a terrorist organization, and it should be treated as such. Allowing them legitimacy would only increase their power and give them the resources and confidence to continue to oppress the Afghan people and threaten the entire world.

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