Should the government of Canada make it illegal to use any drug substance?

Asked by: theman123
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  • If all drugs were illegal, then there would be no medicine.

    If the government of Canada makes it illegal to use any drug substance, then doctors would not be able to practice medicine because even prescription and over-the-counter medications are considered drugs. While narcotics should be closely monitored, it would not be beneficial to make all drugs illegal and would, in fact, have a negative impact on society.

  • Most Definitely NO.

    Definitely Not, to put it bluntly, people need their drugs, some people would do anything to get their drugs. Illegalization would just be a inconvenience.

    Take for example Prohibition in America, when Congress only made alcohol illegal it created a whole era of illegal conduct, arguably its what made the whole Mafia. The last thing we need is a new type of criminal organization.

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