Should the government of Jamaica lift the ban on public smoking?

  • Yes, Jamaica has more problems than that.

    That ban is funny because it is the island that is known for trying to sell you drugs and prostitutes on the street in tourist areas. So a ban on public smoking is just silly. It would be better to just regulate the public areas in which smoking would be allowed.

  • Smoking Kills People Slowly

    Jamaica shouldn't lift any smoking bans because smoking kills people and increases health care costs with lung cancer, emphysema and COPD. Jamaica needs to keep moving forward instead of going backward by approving public smoking. Jamaica already has a bad rap with poverty and a drug culture. Encouraging smoking just makes things worse.

  • No, let the people of Jamaica breathe free

    Tobacco is a deadly poison, and therefore nobody should smoke anywhere.
    Those unfortunate Jamaicans who are still addicted to this foul smelling vice
    will be encouraged to quit by this ban. Pregnant women and small children
    will be protected from inhaling vile fumes. The health of many Jamaicans
    will improve, and with luck this magnificent ban will spread, until all of the
    world’s public spaces will be free of cancer causing gases and choking

  • The government of Jamaica should not lift the ban on public smoking.

    Smoking is a public health disaster and the government of Jamaica was right to ban it in public. Not only does the ban discourage people from smoking themselves, it also protects non-smokers from having to breath in second hand smoke. Any measures that will reduce smoking should be welcomed by the community.

  • Public Smoking Ban Remains

    The government of Jamaic shouldn't lift its ban on public smoking. Studies have shown that such bans reduce secondhand smoke cancer rates. With that in mind, these bans should be implemented in other countries to prevent cancer rates from increasing. Plus, smoking in public can be considered a nuisance to many.

  • If That's What The Citizens Want

    I believe Jamaica has the right to set their own rules and bans. I believe if the ban on public smoking in that country is controversial, then they should have the citizens vote and give their opinion. If they prefer to keep the ban, then it should stay. If they show that they are against it, then it should be dropped.

  • Secondhand smoke kills.

    To be completely honest, I had no idea that Jamaica even had a ban on public smoking. However, I do not believe any country or government should lift its ban on this foul habit. Second hand smoke kills, firsthand smoke definitely kills. There is no such thing as a safe cigarette, and there's no such thing as safe place to smoke in public.

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