Should the government of Pakistan censor the media/news in order to protect children from traumatic events?

Asked by: SaimaAbbasi
  • Traumatic specially man made events are not good for mental health of the children. At least such images/videos should not be shown on TV.

    Viewing of traumatic events on TV and other sources can upset children and negatively affect the way they feel, behave, and perform in school.

    Their ability to understand disturbing news specially images/videos about such incidents is different from adults. And their comprehension depends on their age and maturity.

    Most of people will not agree with this censorship for children to know what is going on in their society. But indirectly traumatic events' news disturb every single person's mind and their actions in practical life.

  • Fear can be harmful

    Media should be censored in Pakistan because children below the age of 5 does not know what is fear but due to media they get to know about zombies, ghosts... Etc and they got feared. News tell them about accidents, it is not necessary for them to watch news. I m not totally in favour of that but if parents can control their children from watching these unrealistic things it could be ok

  • Yes! It does matter that what are you showing to the viewers.

    You can promote more positive content rather than showing a criminal society culture, killing everywhere on daily bases.
    The repeated viewing of violent and horrific news of people suffering, crying or being attacked can upset children and negatively affect the way they behave, feel and perform.

    I strongly agree with your opinion. Promotion of the PEACE should be on priority bases. Media authorities should also take such measures for good mental health of the children.

  • The new generation are our future

    Quaid-e-azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan said himself that media can whether make our country successful or destroy it.
    Today's media is too bold and any of the children don't quite understand the talks about politics and at times, they become very scared that they are living in the world of terror. When they experience this at a very young age they have a very low image of their own country and all the patriotic thoughts are vanished!
    The media should try doing something more patriotic which effect the children in a good way because the young generation is the future of Pakistan, if you keep on scaring them from a young age they would be too weak and scared by the time they grow up.
    Stop the politics, promote perfectionism and peace.

    Posted by: Sila
  • If it's traumatic, parents should just not let their kids watch the news

    This is a ridiculous question. Should the American media have censored the media when 9/11 happened because it might be disturbing to children? Of course not! They played the footage of the planes crashing into the towers over and over again because it was important for the public to know what was going on. What kind of children watch the news anyway? It is the parent's responsibility to stop their children from being exposed to adult themes, NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S!!!!

  • Everything better in moderation

    Of course children shouldn't be exposed to violence and all that jazz, but it is not just children watching the media and the news. The news is there to inform. Whether it is informing you on beyonce's new baby or a murder near your town, the media and news purposes are to inform. However, knowing that children "watch" their news cast, they could show the trauma in moderation. If we take out all of the bad things happening in the world, the child only knows peace and rainbows so that when they are brought up to live in the "real" world, they learn long and hard that the world is not all rainbows and unicorns. I believe it benefits children to learn that there is a tough world out there, but also to encourage them to fix it. If they can moderate the level of violence and also ensure that there can be a brighter and bigger future, it will leave the kids feeling a bit of hope. As many of you said, the kids now are our future, so raise them to be able to fix our present.

    That is all I have to say on this topic. Thank you for reading.

  • The public needs to know what's happening!

    I feel people should actually know what is happening in their own country! Even if it upsets children, citizens need to know how to protect their family from the events that could threaten their welfare. Shielding your children away from from the news/media is a family's business; the government doesn't need to do that for you.

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