• Yes, they should offer school vouchers.

    The government should offer school vouchers because it increases schools competition between one another, which in the long run can better the school system, and parents should be able to choose the school to put their child in, regardless of their income levels. Also it will help increase the diversity in the schools.

  • Helping My School

    I think are school should have vouches. Students will be able to choose what they could have for lunch, or they could choose what kind of activity they could do for P.E. Also what students could change for school if it has a good reason for it to be changed.

  • Yes, they should.

    They should offer vouchers for people because a lot of schools have a better education then some. And also a lot of parents like their children to graduate from the same school as they did when they were younger. But the last reason why I think vouches should be allowed is because we, the people, are the ones paying the taxes for our children's education so we should be able to choose what schools are children should and should not attend.

  • Tax payers deserve a fair break.

    If a tax payer wants to send their children to a private school, then they have to pay double. Why not let that tax payer have a voucher? They could have their money back and invest in the education of their child rather than paying for the education of someone who doesn't pay taxes.

  • Yes, they should.

    I would like to say that yes, the government should offer school vouchers, but only if that means a reduction in property tax to help out existing schools. There are enough taxes and fees as is, and the last thing we need are more of them just so we have vouchers.

  • No, the government should not offer school vouchers.

    We have a government funded school program. It's called 'Public School'. Sure, it's flawed, but it's what we have. If it's not good enough for certain families, the they should move or enroll their children into private schools, funded by themselves and not by the government.

    Additionally, a government funded (not directly funded) private school is more or less a public school at that point. People should stop looking to the government to provide luxuries and instead ask them to improve the basics.

  • Our children aren't commodities to be bought and sold.

    Capitalism and free markets work for many things, but our children aren't commodities to be traded and treated in such a way.

    The logic also doesn't make any sense. Ultimately, parents and students bear responsibility for the child's education, and no amount of money is going to make a lazy, shiftless student suddenly a good student. Better funding and better teachers help, but it ultimately is up to the student and parents.

    Also, our schools are already lacking in funding and supplies as it is. How is letting more money escape our schools going to make them better?

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