• No, Already about 70 percent of Americans are already over-weight! This can be a very deadly cause

    Do you want your growing child to be over-weight? Do you want to have diabetes, What about your future children, Just think seeing diabetic children, And the whole reason they have diabetes is because of super-sized sodas! Trust me if you want to be healthy and have a good life ban sodas

  • Healthy People are Productive People

    The health of the American people are in constant jeopardy. Childhood obesity and type II diabetes are increasing at alarming rates. A ban on super sized drinks, as well as super sized meals are needed to help our communities make healthy food choices. When individuals consume large portions of sugary soft drinks, they are more susceptible to acquiring health issues such as obesity and diabetes, which, more often than not, leads to additional health concerns (e.G. Hypertension, high cholesterol).

  • We Should Stop

    It is bad for our health! Who wants to live a 600 pound life? We need to set a good example for more human beings and we need to be role models. The U.S has one of the highest obesity levels in the world. If we don't ban this garbage,what will happen?

  • Help Make better Dietary Choices

    Outlawing super sized soft drinks sets the example that the public should not be consuming these drinks is such large quantities. We have allowed people to order whatever size they want and now obesity and diabetes have risen to epidemic levels, proving that the public is not educated enough to know when to stop consuming garbage.

  • No, that is too far

    The government outlawing supersized drinks is taking things a step too far. The idea behind it is good but the action wouldn't really work. People could still get multiple drinks of smaller sizes to satisfy their cravings, but it would also just require them spending more money and being unhappy. To try to dictate what we can and can not order is a step too close to a dictatorship.

  • No, they should not.

    The government should not be involved in the daily decisions of people. Most people know that soda is bad for them, and if they chose to drink it in excess it is their own problem. On top of that it is such an easy ban to get around. If super sized drinks are banned then it would simply be possible to drink more smaller sized sodas.

  • Don't outlaw Super sized drinks

    We definitely shouldn't outlaw Super sized drinks. We have much bigger issues to focus on. There is still child poverty in the United States. There are still people without health care in the United States. There are still people being killed by gun violence on a staggering rate in the United States. Politicians want to waste time legislating soft drinks instead of focusing on these issues? No.

  • Leave Supersized Drinks Alone.

    Instead of focusing on the potential harm of select foods, such as supersized soft drinks, perhaps we should focus on the fact that nutrient dense foods are ridiculously expensive, while corn is subsidized to make junk food not only affordable, but dirt cheap. We give no support to our fruit and vegetable farmers.

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